This tutorial takes you through the basics of creating a camera, preparing its view, and setting up a view port, as well as some basic manipulations of the camera view in a game. The subjects covered are:

  • What the difference is between a camera, the view, and the view port.
  • How to set up a camera view and a view port in the room editor.
  • How to make a camera follow an instance of an object.
  • How to set up a camera - and have it follow an object instance - using code.
  • How to get values from a camera and then use them to change its position.
  • How to create a zoom effect.

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Version 1.0.2. Published September 25, 2017

Age Rating: 4+

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tilesets TutorialContent
01_01_Camera_Example.png 152 KB 01_02_Room_Example.png 229 KB 02_01_OpenRoomProperties.gif 50.9 KB 02_01_RoomProperties.png 19.7 KB 02_02_ViewVisible.png 25.3 KB 02_03_ViewInRoom.png 178 KB 02_04_StretchedView.png 142 KB 03_01_ObjectFollowing.png 20.3 KB 03_02_FollowBorder.png 10.6 KB 04_01_SwitchOffViews.png 13.5 KB 04_02_ControllerObject.png 54.7 KB 04_03_StretchedView.png 111 KB 04_04_BadAppSurface.png 83.9 KB 04_05_CorrectSetup.png 135 KB 06_01_CameraEasing.gif 2.91 MB 06_02_StepEvent.png 21.4 KB 07_01_CameraZoom.gif 1.41 MB 07_02_StepEvent.png 30 KB Buttons.png 2.5 KB Dark.css 9.07 KB default_style.css 9.07 KB Header_Bar_Back.gif 53 Bytes Header_Bar_Front.png 760 Bytes Icon_Alt.png 679 Bytes Icon_Ctrl.png 703 Bytes Icon_Delete.png 847 Bytes Icon_Escape.png 868 Bytes Icon_f12.png 678 Bytes Icon_Insert.png 795 Bytes Icon_LMB.png 866 Bytes Icon_MMB.png 856 Bytes Icon_Mouse.png 843 Bytes Icon_RMB.png 857 Bytes Icon_Shift.png 768 Bytes Icon_Space.png 831 Bytes Icon_Tab.png 1.5 KB Light.css 9.2 KB Main_List_Icon.png 203 Bytes MoreTutorialsButton.png 3.21 KB page01.html 6.24 KB page02.html 6.38 KB page03.html 5.8 KB page04.html 7.19 KB page05.html 6.5 KB page06.html 6.73 KB page07.html 7.52 KB page08.html 4.73 KB Pointer_Closed.png 2.89 KB Pointer_Open.png 2.89 KB Scrollbar_Buttons.png 689 Bytes style.css 9.07 KB tutorial.json 184 Bytes Dark_Skin Light_Skin

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