Neural network on GML!


  • nn_create() - create neural netork, return id

  • nn_destroy(id) - destroy neural network

  • nn_add_neuron(id) - create new neuron in current network

  • nn_get_output(id, input_list) - launch neural network and return list with output

  • nn_train_train(id, train_id) - train neural network

  • nn_get_neuron_number(id) - return number of neurons in network

  • train_create() - create information for training neural networks, return train_id

  • train_add_input(train_id, val, val, ...) or train_add_input_list(train_id, input_list) - add input signals for training

  • train_add_output(train_id, val, val, ...) or train_add_output_list(train_id, output_list) - add desired signals for comparison

  • train_destroy(id) - destroy current train

Some examples inside.

This is simple single-layer perceptron, I hope this example will help many people to understand that neural network is easy.

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Version 1.0.0. Published February 17, 2017

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Marcos C 24 August 2017


Sven B 11 July 2017

Looks good

This is like google's autodraw


Anonymous 23 April 2017


Ata N 05 March 2017

What is it?

Hello, first, thanks !
Neural Network ? What is it?
It's like Artificial Intelligence that can guess our drawings/operations?

Sorry to ask.. But I dislike be dumb forever :)

Updated my review to 5 stars (due to the Marketplace rated it to 0 stars on 5... Wish there is a neutral vote..)


Vishnya Games (Publisher) 12 March 2017

This is one simple type of neural network that can be trained on input and output data(they can be from 0 to 1). It's more of a calculator than the intellect
I recommend to visit the page in Wikipedia about perceptron for greater understanding :)

What is the issue?

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