Fully compatible with GMS:1 all exports

Easily and quickly import OBJ models! Loads many thousands of poly's instantly. Includes an optimizing batch converter.

Function overview:

model = extModel_load(filename); //load converted model
draw_extModel(modelID,tex); //draw the model (or manually use vertex_submit, see source code)

extModel_destroy(model); //Free model from memory

Note: When exporting OBJ files to use with the converter, make sure the faces are triangulated if you have the option.

Supports normals and texture coordinates.

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Version 1.0.0. Published February 16, 2017

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.525

Age Rating: 4+

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Cyril K 23 August 2018

Converter doesn't work

I will correct my original review after spending some time testing.

Negative point: the converter is a bit capricious, I had problems with a lot of .obj. Consider running the converter as administrator...

Positive point: the developer is extremely reactive and invests himself.

In the end: the extension is really interesting if you manage to convert your files!


Jordan V 23 February 2018

Crashes on clicking export!

Same problem as Miles T but running as administrator doesn't fix it for me. I'm running Windows 8.1
i will update to 5 starts if you can tell me how to fix it :)


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 27 February 2018

Send me an email and I'm sure we can fix it - preferably before you leave a review! Reviews do not give me a direct method to contact you unfortunately.

Make sure when you export your meshes to OBJ they are triangulated!


Miles T 06 April 2017

Converter Crashes on pressing export

Converter Crashes on pressing the export button

Edit (1):
Must be run in administrator mode if crashes occur.


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 06 April 2017

Hi Miles, that is interesting. I've never had to run it as an administrator before. Would you mind using the contact button and telling me the windows version you are on?



Spectrum 4 13 March 2017

Great Add-On

Effortlessly imports OBJ's into your project, speeding up workflow immensely.

Excellent support.

Thanks Taylor, great work.


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 22 March 2017

Much appreciated :)


Ali A 10 March 2017

its good extension

very fast converter and working ok but its have issue with cullling
Edit : Thank you for fast replay the culling issue was solved
5 Stars


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 09 March 2017

Hi there, thanks for leaving a review!

I emailed you back about the culling issue :)


Anonymous 21 February 2017

good for my fps!!!

quick and simple solution


Anonymous 21 February 2017

Slightly dissapointing

I was expecting a set of scripts that would should how the process was done, instead you get a separate model converter executable that does all the magic for you, BUT you don't get the source code for that.

What you get is a few scripts which creates a vertex buffer from the exported file generated by the model converter exe, which in itself is just a saved buffer.

If this asset also provided the source code for the model converter executable, it would deserve a much higher rating. However as it currently stands, I can't really recommend this asset.


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 21 February 2017

I apologize that you are disappointed, however this is how the asset is intended to operate.

The description makes it clear that this asset is for people to be able to import OBJ files into their projects and does not make mention of any source code.

This asset provides a reliable and fast way to import any type of model.

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