Build with and for GMS2. This scripts help you auto-tile directly in game. Perfect for procedurally generated levels. It uses a tileset of 47 images placed in the same order as in the IDE of GMS2. It auto-tiles on a ds_grid but it can be easily changed for arrays. Note that GMS is still in beta and asset will be updated if bugs occur.

Bonus: To help you create images: Tile47Jo

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Changes in 1.0.1

Remove a typo.

Version 1.0.1. Published January 29, 2017

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 22 August 2018


LI B 02 August 2018


Dominick M 15 June 2018


Martin H 12 June 2018


Thank you for making this!


Drake D 18 May 2018


Anonymous 13 November 2017

Exceptional auto tiling a MUST HAVE

Jonathan Moreau has proven himself that he can script out efficient auto tiling systems that works exceptionally well in grids.

I 100% guarantee you will be satisfied with this auto tiler


David A 14 September 2017

Exactly what I needed

This is glorious, especially when coupled with the "Tile47Jo" utility that was linked to in the product's details.

I'd love the source for Tile47Jo because I think it could be implemented in the "Grid Auto Tile 47" utility so that tilesets would take up less space in my game's texture pages.


Tarquinn G 24 July 2017

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