Build with and for GMS2. Note that there is an issue with the 2.0 IDE importing asset(included file). It's reported and will be fixed in a future release of GMS2. That's bad but don't worry, send me a mail and I'll send the file manually. The rest of the project is intact!

Inventory DB2 is the successor of Inventory DB but for GMS2. It works with a database that is a simple CSV file. You can easily create a CSV file using notepad or much better: Excel. Each row is an item and each column a property(like name, sprite, maximum stack, etc...).

Upon start, a ds_grid is builded from that file and you use that grid as a reference every time you need an information on an item.

One object to rule them all! A single object controls as many containers you add: belts, chests, crates, backpacks, storage room, etc...

Inventory DB2 has many features to help players keeping their items organized:

  • Items database on csv file.
  • Dynamically creates containers if needed.
  • Toggle containers on/off. (Using surfaces)
  • Display properties of selected item.
  • Move, swap and sort items.
  • Drop, use or split stack.
  • Fixed or moving inventory.
  • Can be resized in game.
  • Works with views.
  • Auto-stacking items.

Poweful and very versatil.

As always, everything is well commented and you'll get a fast reply if you need help to implement it on your game. Keep in mind that GMS2 is still in beta, Inventory DB2 will be updated and fixed if bugs occur.

-Tested for windows and YYC. Interaction with mouse, not gamepad. I will add a demo soon.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.0.2

Added a statement on the inv_container_list_delete script at line 17.

Version 1.0.2. Published February 7, 2017

Age Rating: 4+

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Karsten F 20 December 2017


Wayutit C 15 June 2017

It's work !!

Thanks for your support !! this project save my life ^^


Jonathan Moreau (Publisher) 15 June 2017

I'm glad we fixed the problem. Have fun!


Stefan S 06 May 2017

Package contents

Total size 96 KB

assetpackage.yy 15.9 KB datafiles fonts objects rooms scripts
inv_container_add_item inv_container_add_item_pos inv_container_add_item_pos_remains inv_container_cell_set_restriction inv_container_clear_cell inv_container_list_add inv_container_list_delete inv_container_list_top inv_container_mouse_in inv_container_resize inv_container_sort inv_container_surface inv_container_surface_outline inv_container_surface_pos inv_database_ini inv_inventory_check_compare inv_inventory_check_quantity inv_inventory_description_box inv_inventory_drop_item inv_inventory_free inv_inventory_item_restriction inv_inventory_reset_selection inv_item_asign_type inv_layer_ini inv_macro_ini inv_surfaces_free
spr_armor spr_axe spr_black spr_blue spr_chest spr_description_box spr_floor spr_gold spr_green spr_inventory_box spr_king spr_mask spr_outline spr_player spr_potion spr_purple spr_red spr_selector spr_shield spr_sword spr_wall spr_white spr_yellow

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