Welcome to Android Permissions!! Android operating systems 6.0 and higher now check for permissions at run time, and it is now up to us the developers to handle this. I have made this extension to do that. there are 25 permissions Android lists as 'Dangerous Permissions' and so there are 25 get permission functions in this extension and 25 check permission functions for a total of 50 functions to cover everything. Most apps only need 1 or 2 dangerous permissions so you'd most likly only need to use 2 - 4 of the functions but to cover every situation I have included ALL OF THEM for you along with a small project showing how to use the extension. For a list of all the functions and their use import all the files into a new project and view either the game information file, readme file in the included files, or visit the Android Permissions home page on my website: A demo apk can be downloaded here:

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Version 2.0.0. Published December 17, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.525

Age Rating: 4+

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Supro G 04 August 2017

Works for now

Works perfectly, but I had a look at the release notes of the beta version of GMS1.4, and this feature will be implemented in-game in the future. But for now it's just great


Anonymous 22 May 2017


lu j 03 January 2017

Handy little extension

Now that Google has made it harder for developers by having us code in our own permissions
we are lucky that developers like Roadhammer Gaming are here to help us with this extension.

Support to get this extension working correctly is just a email away if you need it( Tom from Roadhammer Gaming was AWESOME in helping me in every step of the way).

Thanks Tom and Roadhammer Gaming .


Roadhammer Gaming (Publisher) 11 April 2017

Thank you very much! I'm glad I could help and glad I can be a part of forwarding the development of all the great Android games and apps you all create!

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