This demo shows all code discussed in the tutorial Push Notifications, which you can find on YoyoGames's forum. This demo contains both local and remote push notifications and you can of course change everything you want. Of course the demo is well-commented and you may use it for free without any need for giving us credits!

Why is it useful and how to use?

  • The demo clearly shows what you can expect from the tutorial
  • You can fill in the right codes for your project and then compile it so you can test the code discussed in the tutorial
  • Please note that this project only works on Android!


If you have any improvements or if you found a bug, please tell us so we can improve it! Rating and sharing will be appreciated! :)

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.0.3

  • New screenshots since Firebase looks a little different
  • Small text fixes

Version 1.0.3. Published August 9, 2018

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1804

Age Rating: 4+

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loganout l 29 September 2018

Which Target SDK do you use?

I downloaded this demo and could not compile.
I'm having trouble getting the Google Play Services extension, Target SDK 26 or higher, not getting PUSH in the game maker studio.


Appsurd (Publisher) 01 November 2018

As of today (1 November 2018) Google obliges you to compile with Target SDK 26 (or higher). However, the Google Play Services Extension by YoYo is outdated... EDIT: Ah, I see you also posted this in the Marketplace asset page of PlayServices.

You could try the solution presented by me in this topic:
When that works for you, please report in that topic or here or by email. Good luck and hopefully YoYo fixes this 'officially' soon.


issam s 21 February 2018

Thanks for make it free, I will try it now.

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Jay R 27 August 2017

Simply Amazing

Brilliant little tutorial! What seemed like a very difficult feature (remote push notification) to add to a game has been broken down that makes it seem like a piece of cake!

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Jessie O 16 July 2017

I've got remote push notifications working :)

You helped me achieve my goal of working with remote push notifications... for that I give this asset 5 stars :)
However I missed the tutorial link first time i downloaded this... the tutorial has the php code needed for Remote Push Notifications ;)

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.

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