Fully compatible with GMS:1 and GMS:2

This extension is compatible with all targets aside HTML5 (including iOS, Android, Windows, PS4, UWP and more!)

Very simple to use - draw your video as a background, sprite or anything else you can think of with one simple line of code


You also have access to the video as a native GM surface as well as a tonne more functionality!

A full GML-only video player implementation! Can play multiple videos at once with great performance (Average 2000 fps on mid range computer, 720p video). Smooth performance on low end & older mobile devices as well, video shows Galaxy Note 4 running at a constant 60 FPS (Capped).


  • Truly cross platform playback. One line of code and one video file fits them all.
  • Pause, fast forward video.
  • Advanced timing mechanism: Audio and video always sync up to the target frame rate, despite what the game is running at.
  • Use the video output as a texture. Run it through a shader, use it as a 3d model's texture, draw it to a surface, many more applications!
  • Extremely light on memory, smart caching to keep the video ready to go
  • Supports all major formats through converter

If you want more of an insight, feel free to read the manual, or try a demo here.

Compared to other Marketplace assets, that emulate cross-platform "video" by loading images as quickly as possible from the hard drive (virtually unusable on mobile devices and a big battery drainer) GMLVideo uses hard drive streaming, caching and on the fly decompression to deliver a fast and smooth video output.

Note: If you get an error when starting the converter, it is safe to press ignore. Make sure to use Fast compression. An update eliminating the bug is in the works along with GPU acceleration.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.0.7

Some optimizations, quick compression added.

Version 1.0.7. Published March 25, 2017

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.525

Age Rating: 4+

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Attila K 04 September 2018


Anonymous 04 September 2018

Cant say this is a proper video player more like a

Cant say this is a proper video player more like an experiment... extremely slow in many cases... speeding up play by 2 makes fps 200 down to nothing.. Files are so huge you cant realy use the extension anywhere.. 100-1000Mb pr "short" 720 etc 30sec 30fps ... this is also the max you can possible do since the .exe used to convert a movie into his own .vid format gets out of memory at 100% done.. after about 20 hours on conversion time on a i7... yay wasted 20 hours.. and probably 0.5$ in electricity right there.. Here i was expecting as little as having 30 or so Tiny 5-25 sec movies taking up to 500 Mb on my drive that i could load when a player clicks the ability icon.. (ability preview) but no... each movie takes hours to convert.. the conversion is buggy.. etc the video looks horrible... it freezes the game since the file is like 100Mb or larger even though its only 640x480 or even small as 480x360. In conclusion it doesnt work as a video player.


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 05 September 2018

Hi there, happy to give you some hints what the best settings are to get a better performance out of the engine.
The custom format is so that videos can be played back on all Gamemaker platforms. Without it, this simply would not be possible.
The demo included is only a few megabytes for an over half-minute video which took minimal tinkering.

The crash you described in the converter shouldn't happen, the encoded video gets streamed straight to the harddrive, not the memory so that should not occur. Are you sure that the memory was full? Sounds like it could be something else. Message me with more details and I'll be happy to look into it.


Anonymous 01 September 2018

Awesome product; thank you !

I read some of the reviews and was a little reserved but it was totally unnecessary - Setting this up was a breeze.

I'm about to publish a new game on the app store and this has allowed me to get everything going perfectly.

I am using your native video extension as well to play cutscreen videos and supplementing it with this extension for videos that need to be drawn behind characters and underneath menu items.

Had a couple of questions and the dev was kind enough to support me all over email.

I would HIGHLY recommend! T


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 01 September 2018

Hi there,

Thanks for leaving a review! Best of luck with your game's launch.



Anonymous 04 August 2018

didn't work

Converter messaging this error, and still working, but generate all frames size a 0 bytes :(
action number 1
for object objLabel:

Error defining an external function.
at gml_Script_dll_rgb_compare_init

stack frame is
gml_Script_dll_rgb_compare_init (line 0)

my mail is


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 14 July 2018

Hi Anonymous sorry you've run into trouble, I've emailed you the answer to your problem but I'll leave it here as well:
A few select users are having this problem, all you need to do is click ignore and enable fast conversion. This will fully resolve your issue. I'll release an update removing this error soon.



Loren R 05 June 2018

Exactly what I needed

I did read all of the other reviews here and took their grievances into consideration and to get an idea what limitations might exist. I decided to pull the trigger and was pleasantly surprised. I expected the video converter to be a bit on the slow side and it isn't the fastest thing around but I was able to turn a 1920x1080 hand drawn animation (with fog-like gradients too) into a lower resolution and lower FPS video that didn't look like utter junk, in under 30 mins. Once you mess with the converter settings and get an acceptable playback quality (test with a short test video) then you can just set the converter and forget about it for a while.
Aside from that, the publisher has been excellent about answering emails with questions in a very timely manner and very willing to help in any way that they can. There aren't many options for a much needed video player on GMStudio (especially cross platform) but this will help way more people than the few it may disappoint. Recommended!


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 05 June 2018

Hi Loren thanks very much for your review - I'm glad you're enjoying the product!


Anonymous 04 May 2018

An OK extension, not much more

This does what is says, it let's you simply insert video into your GM project. However, the limitations are big.

While it's very simple to use, you need to use a video converter tool that comes with this extension and this is the real problem with this extension. The tool is incredibly slow, even on an extremely high-end video editing PC, this tool is problematic. It can take hours just to convert a 15 seconds video. You need to drop the resolution and FPS very very low to be able to produce anything in an acceptable time frame. The size which the tool converts to is also problematic. For example, a 600k video file become 40mbs with this tool.

So I would use this tool for splash screen logos are in-game small video screens, but not for full-frame videos which are longer than about 30 seconds.

If the converter tool was more professional and robust, this tool would get 5/5 from me. Sadly, I cannot use this tool in a way I believed it would be useful.


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 05 May 2018

Hi there, I appreciate your honesty and am sorry that it did not suit your purposes. Happy to speak to you over email if you'd like some more information/tips with implementation.

Cheers :)


Larry H 16 March 2018

Amazing :-)

Thanks so much, Nothing like it on the marketplace

Very easy to use and did just what I wanted.

It's the best!


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 16 March 2018

Hi Larry, thank you for your review!

Please get in touch if you have any queries.


Lewis I 07 January 2018

Absolutely perfect for my project!

What can I say, does what it says on the tin and has so many great uses. The performance is great and consistent across all devices (which is a must for my project) and the process of converting the video is simple and user-friendly.

I'd also like to add that I had really good support from the developer when I had a few questions about using the extension - very fast responses too which is a welcomed change from other asset developers.

I highly commend this asset to all Gamemaker users!


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 16 March 2018

Much appreciated Lewis.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions :)


OctoBox I 21 May 2018


I'm a professional with more than 15 years of GameMaker experience and tested this asset with various combinations of settings.

1. Conversion tool shows "libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll is missing" error on start. I've reported this bug before, but the author still hasn't fixed it (simply adding compiler flags could help).
2. The conversion tool is extremely slow. It converts every single frame extracted by FFmpeg console app to its own format. It freezes for a while showing white screen during conversion and gives you the wrong estimated conversion time (not even close).
3. The resulting .vid file that conversion tool generates is poorly compressed and oversized. 19 megabytes of original 25 seconds .mp4 video became 792 megabytes.
4. $30-$40 for an asset with "Video_Convertert" typo in the name of a converter.


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 07 January 2018

It is unfortunate that you have had a bad experience. You are the only person to receive that error so far, and as it is superfluous to the functionality of the converter and I've not had time to look into it.

Re the converter, I recommend using a small test video (which will be fast) to find the right settings and leave it to convert when you're done. All other video conversions that exist involve extracting frames and recompressing them. The file size is only big if you do not configure the settings for your video correctly.


Michael B 18 November 2017

This is a must have!

First thing is the excellent support: Taylor quickly responds professional to any questions regarding this very awesome extension of his, willing to even investigate the project files, if there is any questions. I can't tell you folks out there how glad I am to finally put my animations into my game :)
Go Taylor , go!
I hope your extension will make it into the manual one day... because this is clearly something GMS2 needs!
My game looks so much more kick-arse now.
Thank you!


Nicolas G 10 January 2018

Beware of this !

I don't want my review to be deleted.
The developper doesn't say that a video will grow, and it's going to be very big.

A simple 480x360 2.5 Mb mp4 40 secs video becomes 200 Mb , at least !

This is absolutely useless for an IOS or Android app that requires some videos.
Also, the compression tool only works on Pc, and it's so solow !
3 hours to compress a 40 sec video.

30$ for such a thing ? No, that can't be true...


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 11 November 2017

I understand that you are a novice user and I'm sorry that you had trouble understanding how to use this, however if you email me swearing and being abusive I cannot help you.

The bloated filesize is a result of your own misconfiguration, which I was more than willing to help you with. This extension is designed FOR iOS and Android video, and all other platforms.

See my reviews below for the stellar track record of people who have found this product to be useful.


Alex H 06 October 2017

Stellar support

When I had an issue, I reached out to the developer. I got an insanely fast response (30 minutes!) and we were able to back and forth until the issue was resolved.

I want to take off a star because it requires beefy system specs to work (even older PCs work fine, I'm talking about phones) but I don't feel like that's deserved, because this is still better than all the other alternatives to playing video in native GML.


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 07 October 2017

Thanks for your review Alex :)

GMLVideo has been tested and is highly compatible with flagship Android and iOS devices at least 4 years old.


Magnus A 16 September 2017


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 17 September 2017

Hi Magnus, if there is anything I can do for you, please shoot me an email :)


Ali A 17 August 2017

its unique

any game maker user must be purchase this extension
simple and good support


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 18 August 2017

Hi There - Much appreciated :)


craig s 01 June 2017


Aleksandar G 11 March 2017

Great support!

I had a very specific problem (huuuge HD video that I needed to play in-game) and the GMLVideo publisher went out of his way to help me out.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Dao C 10 February 2017

works well " GM:STUDIO 2"

very good and helpful , waiting for your news :)

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Joshua W 20 November 2017

Should Work, currently experiencing issues.

Runs well in the example, currently run into problems with using custom videos the converter seems to not work..


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 16 December 2016

Working very hard to iron out all the issues, please contact me if you have any specific requests :)


Anonymous 29 November 2016

for shorter videos

Very easy to understand it all works with 3 functions

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Carol S 29 November 2016

working very well !!!

can you update the converter to make it a bit faster to convert takes ages

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 29 November 2016

I am eventually going to transition the converter over to a C++ version and it should be significantly faster to convert.


Randy G 29 November 2016

where is the 3d demo?

Hi can u upload the 3d demo from ur video ?

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 29 November 2016

Sure, use the contact publisher button and I'll send you a link over email :D


Anonymous 29 November 2016


This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Wanda Q 29 November 2016


just what I needed first of its kind on the marketplace

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Norman K 29 November 2016


wouldn't do 1080p video on mobile but still good when u get it down!

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Maurice B 26 November 2016

super high framerate video

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Anonymous 25 November 2016

Really good looking video!!

For me it took some tweaking to get the settings perfect but its super fluid on my phone which is great :) Thank you

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.

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