In making a game, sometimes we need a user interface to control menu, input data form and data or just to displays a message.

HANIF FLAT UI is an extension for Game Maker: Studio that written in GML (Game Maker Language). This extension contains several functions and macros that can help developers to create user interface components such as button, textbox, checkbox, radio button, etc.

HANIF FLAT UI is not use sprites or background anymore, but it’s using built-in functions such as draw_rectangle(...),draw_circle(...)and others. This can reduced the performance of your game, especially in the use of memory, but on other side, you can reduce of resources uses. So use only as needed.

The controls in this extension include:

  • Button
  • Textbox
  • Checkbox
  • Radio Button
  • Switch
  • Select
  • Range Bar
  • Tab
  • SideNav
  • Virtual Keyboard

Write code with handler (on create event):

editField = ui_textbox_create(16, 16, 320, 24, "Fill this");
ui_set_background_colour(editField, ui_grey);

Finally draw it (on draw event):


You can read the documentation here:

Original Indonesian version:

Warning: too many control may make apps running slow.

To handling animation when running on lag or slowness devices, this may be help (on step event):

if (fps_real < 100)
    ds_map_replace(ui_global_config, "effect_speed", 8 * (room_speed * delta_time / 1000000));

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.3.0

  • Clear size reduction (Warning: the control made by the previous version may be smaller, you can fix it by setting the padding).
  • Typo in macross name.

Version 1.3.0. Published February 27, 2017

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1763

Age Rating: 4+

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Melaina N 11 October 2017


This is an amazing extension, very useful for text-based games! Thank you so much for sharing!


joe w 07 October 2017



Anonymous 29 August 2017



Phillip D 16 August 2017


Dimitri L 28 June 2017


Jett P 21 June 2017


Thank you for this extension! Are you still working on this extension? If not, it would be a waste imo.
I've encountered on some issues though like the virtual keyboard moving a normal draw_text() slightly higher. The problem might be at my end but maybe you know something about it. :P
It has a very nice and clear documentation, even a scrub like me can understand it! Thanks a lot again ❤


Muharif AL Hanif (Publisher) 27 June 2017

You are welcome :D
This extension is no longer to added new features. But I'm still fixing on major bug. Maybe I will make a new one later. Thanks for reporting this issue :D


Anonymous 10 June 2017




Alireza B 09 February 2017

Love Your Work

Thanks for this very usefull extension. I will test it tonight ❤

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Muharif AL Hanif (Publisher) 10 February 2017

Hi, Thanks for trying this extension. Please email me if you need some help ❤


Anonymous 23 January 2017

Excellent and easy to use

I really like its design and ease of use.
Full documentation and great customer support! I recommend it.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Muharif AL Hanif (Publisher) 01 March 2017

Thanks :D


Iain B 20 January 2017


Very easy to use, brilliant for making quick editors. Very impressed. Using no sprites is also a bonus (at the cost of performance ofcourse)

Adding transparency (alpha) would be a nice addition so you could make the controls slightly see through.

Issue has been fixed in version 1.1.4. Well deserved 5 stars.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Muharif AL Hanif (Publisher) 20 January 2017

Thanks for your feedback :D

There is still no header and footer function in this asset. You can create a custom function like the demo in this asset XD

For the issue, I fixed that in old version. But the new feature (Virtual Keyboard) causes that again XD
Btw, I have been updated, check whether the problem is fixed.


Muhammad R 27 December 2016

Complete Set, Well Done!

Everything is working well, it does what it says. Complete UI engine, with good documentation. The only downside is the tab is created using surface, so only text and images can be applied inside tabs. Any interactive menu such as textbox, button, etc can't fit inside a tab. Also some grammar error on the documentation but still easily understandable.

Overall this extension surprised me with a well-written, complete documentation in both English and Indonesia. All in a $1 price tag. Marvelous. Anyway I haven't seen this asset on Indonesian forum, why?

TL;DR: Complete UI with proper documentation

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Muharif AL Hanif (Publisher) 28 December 2016

Thanks for rating Meliaz :D
The tab is awful XD, it just a surface and no control can be put in there, I have no idea to find the best solution of this XD
For documentation, I just write in Indonesian and the english version is translated by a machine... lol :v (my english is too bad hahaha...)
I was planning to post it in Indonesian forum, may be next time. It is my old extension and I have lost access to login that forum a few months ago :D


Serhiy K 20 November 2016


Probably best UI engine on the marketplace so far. Definitely 5 stars.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Muharif AL Hanif (Publisher) 20 November 2016

Hi, thanks for rating, this extension still needs to be more improved.

What is the issue?

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