This extension enables you to do three things:

Upload any file to any server/website

  •   To upload files to a server you must first upload a PHP file included in the extension to your server.  The PHP file is what gives you access to that server/website.
  •   Select a file to upload and receive a notification on the success of the upload

Send any file to another game/client

  •   Select a file you want to send to another game
  •   The other game/client/server will then be asked to select a save location
  •   This is especially useful if you are creating a chat room and want to transfer more that just text between them 

Download any file from the internet

  •   Type in the URL to the file you want to download
  •   View the download progress displayed in the debugging output
  •   Choose a destination and name for the file

This extension is heavily commented, easy to read, and works on all platforms except for HTML5. I hope you find it useful!

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.0. Published November 4, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1763

Age Rating: 4+

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Michael S 09 May 2019

Worked Prfectly

Worked perfectly straight out of the bag, no hassles at all. GMS 2


Rob Q 09 May 2019


The PHP based file uploader works, but the PHP code is (apart from being bad) very dangerous.


I can imagine people using this that don't have much PHP knowledge will be VERY vulnerable to exploits. (1,5 years later this WAS NOT RESOLVED)

Then comes the "GM to GM" file transfer part, which basically doesn't work. Apart from me getting an error when launching the example, I feel like its impossible to send a 15MB packet. I bought it to see a working file transfer over the GM Network functions, but this will simply not work. There is no packet splitting logic (the reason I've actually bought this, thought it was in there) and thus this will not work for big files.

All&all this is a very / too simplistic solution to the problem - its only a few lines and does not solve the real problems.

In my opinion - this is far from done, badly coded, and VERY dangerous. Don't buy. Even if its $ 0,00


Nick P 09 October 2017

Painless, works on GMS2

I wanted an easy way to upload bug reports from Android devices for my Android game, without user input, and I am not interested in GMS2 networking or PHP. I had this working and tested within half an hour. Just copy the included PHP file to the server, e.g., where you may have a web page (I use a $10/mo Dreamhost account), copy obj_upload_to_server to your project, fill in the URL in its create event, change the Left Click event to a user event, delete the line that asks the user for a filename, and call it from a debug-dump script via "with (obj_upload_to_server) { filename = "filename as string"; event_perform(ev_other, ev_user0; }". I'm using YYC and tested this with an alpha build on Google Play. $5 very well spent.

The files are thoroughly commented, although I wasn't interested in modifying them.

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