Extension adding access to Google Play Services IAP functionality.

This extension requires you to have the base Google Play Services extension installed - this can be found here

NOTE: With all system extensions the Marketplace asset is simply the extension itself... for the demo shown in the screenshot please find this within GameMaker's Demo feed.

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Version 1.0.2. Published November 14, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v7.7.1347

Age Rating: 4+

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Nathan C 02 June 2017


Supro G 31 May 2017


Does what it should do.


Anonymous 26 May 2017

It works!!!

This was the extent I lacked for my project, everything worked like magic, until I cried with happiness.


Dimitri L 10 May 2017


Zachary H 26 April 2017


All you have to do is install this plugin after you have IAP set up already (working for iOS). Otherwise you'll get a notice on the Play Store that your app doesn't have billing privileges. Minus 2 stars because GM:S is extremely convoluted in this area now. There's an IAP section and a permissions section under Android in global game settings that don't tell you a thing about this. You'd expect it to be in permissions...
The idea that the Marketplace makes it easier to update services is weird. We have an auto-updater for GM:S. Downloads from the marketplace have to be updated with a button, then the old version has to be deleted from your project, then you add the new one. Oh, and you need to hit the Clean Target button.


Kamil W 02 January 2017

How to use it?


Anonymous 02 December 2016


COMPILE FAILED with this Ext.And no notice to tell me how to fix it.


Kesly C 05 November 2016

No notice to the changes made

We have been trying to figure out why our IAP's where not working, we need actually documentation.
Also the image says licensing! Some people are making a living off this, lets keep everyone informed.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.

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