Translate user's hand-drawn glyphs into useable characters! Currently only supports 0-9 digits and single digit only. Drawing system is fully customizable, chalkboard demo to get you started.

Useage: Call

reference = recognition_create(x,y,size[,timeToDraw]);

Making sure you store the result to get the input at a later time. To check if the user has drawn a glyph:

if (recognition_has_input(reference)) {
    var number = recognition_get(reference); // contains the user's number now

There is an included demo object in the asset package to demonstrate.

NOTE: When using this extension you must import all objects, included files, backgrounds and fonts and shaders to work right off the bat.

Works on all platforms except for HTML5


End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 0.1.0. Published October 8, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.505

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 08 October 2018

a VERY cool system!

The review below seems very emotionally charged... This is such a great little tool to almost drag and drop handwriting support straight in to our game. There is such advanced function from such a tiny little bit of code. I contacted the developer a few months ago and he was very helpful in giving me tips on integrating the system in to our existing game. Nothing but positivity from me. Thanks so much!


Duy N 27 October 2018

Error happened - The publisher didn't respond

Hi Taylor (sent you email on 13-10-2018 and 27-10-2018), please fix the error, cause I'm so in love with the plugin.

1. When I tapped on the edge of the drawing board (very close to an edge), the app crashed with the
message like this

Can't create a surface with either a width or height of 0
at gml_Script_surface_bw_crop (line 39) - news = surface_create(neww, newh);
stack frame is
gml_Script_surface_bw_crop (line 39)
called from - gml_Object__recogArea_StepNormalEvent_3 (line 40) - var cropped = surface_bw_crop(resized), com;

2. When the game shows a Google Play Achievement, or (rarely) an ad is shown, there's an error.
action number 1
of Step EventO
for object _recogArea:

buffer_create: Illegal size

at ng_Script_surface_to_sampler

stack frame is
gml_Script_surface_to_sampler (line -1)


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 08 October 2018

Hello Duy, please send me another email it seems to have gotten lost. Thanks.


Dinesh R 14 April 2017

Works great

Great asset and leaning a lot from this!


Travis S 08 October 2016

quick to implement

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