Shader draws pseudo 3d planet from a square texture. Dimensions are governed by the size of the sprite overlay. Perfect for creating 2D games space. The atmosphere of the planet is drawn with the same shader using a translucent overlay texture shader management is carried out in the event Draw of object, the rotation speed can be adjusted by the variable i. Rotation angle of inclination can be changed draw_sprite_ext() function (variable rot) The atmosphere is applied using the same shader, translucent sprite only slightly increasing and x_scale y_scale.

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Version 1.0.0. Published September 30, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1760

Age Rating: 4+

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stefan s 07 December 2017

No comments

Well the code ist hard understandable cause of there a nearly no comments.

I tryed to build an eath but you only can use sqare textures. there is no way to use rectangle ones.
i tryed to convert the shader to transform a rectangle texture into a sphere too, but no variable is explaned, so i dont even know what he was calculate before.


Matt H 23 February 2017

Good but

Cannot import to new project, the planets aren't rendering and I'm just seeing square maps instead?


Mopnex (Publisher) 24 February 2017

What is the resolution of the sprite? How did you connect?


Nathan L 10 December 2016

Most excellent!

Yes, "3D" rotating planets -- in 2D space! Highly recommended.
-1 star for average presentation, no code commenting, and small graphical blur on the edge of planets with large sprites--which can be fixed with a small adjustment to the fragment shader code's Pi calculation.


Thomas H 02 October 2016

They even rotate!

Great asset to simulate 3D planets! The included example also shows rotating planets that move around the sun while rotating.
Code isn't too complicated, but some little explanations would be helpful for customizing the planets.
For example what values effect the rotation speed or axis of the planet and the clouds, or how to resize the clouds to fake a bigger atmosphere area.
BTW: Mopnex, the step event code of the planets still contains comments in Russian. You might want to translate that to english. All other comments are in english.
Overall this asset is worth it's money and I see quite some good use of it in my future games!


Mopnex (Publisher) 05 October 2016

Thank you for your feedback! Setting shader placed in the description. Enjoy your use!

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