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Create amazing animation sequences with a few lines of code:


Save your game in the easiest and smartest way:

  • Forget to manage files. Do it like Unity users.
  • The system uses internally ds_maps so it is much faster and more flexible,
  • The data is saved encrypted.
  • You don't need to decide when save the file, playerprefs_gm will detect the best moment for you and save the data only if there are any changes.



Set the value of a playerpref (key and value)

playerprefs_set(key, value);

Get the value, returns the default value if the key does not exists

playerprefs_get(key [, default = undefined]);

Check if the given key exists


Delete the given key and their value


Delete ALL the playerprefs. Use it whit care.


Save manually is optional, since playerpref system will do it automatically for you


Also the textformat mini engine is included.


Check the examples in the images to see what are playerprefs about. Or check the demo inside the extension files or in this HTML5 DEMO:

[ NOTE ]

Yes, there are already other extensions in the Marketplace for saving files (but no one for playerprefs, like Unity), so I have recreated my own playerprefs engine from scratch and published for free. Now anyone can enjoy using Unity playerprefs in GM!


If you like this extension, consider buying other extensions made by me, like "Tweenline 2 Animation Engine"

More info

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.0.1

Resolved a bug that was causing the extension to not save correctly the data

Version 1.0.1. Published September 25, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1757

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 26 June 2019


Anonymous 28 January 2019


Anonymous 10 January 2019


Very useful,thanks!!


Victor L 07 January 2019


Ciberman (Publisher) 03 January 2019

Hello. Thanks for the review. Can you please provide me some feedback why did you put 4/5 stars? As a developer is very important to me. Thanks.


Nasir G 15 November 2017

Dosen't save anything

I don't know if its just me but when i use it seems not to save anything i will go back to using ini. files.


Ciberman (Publisher) 28 October 2018

Hello. Can you explain me a little more about the issue? You are the only user that reports this. Are you sure you imported all the files?


Mighty M 28 May 2017

Very Good

This extension is very good but the reason I give 4 stars is because for 2 reasons:
1.I was able to decrypt it fairly easily.All I did was go to and had it decode it.While it didn't decode all of it it still decode the important parts.
2.I barely have no idea how to works this.A detailed text file would be very helpful.
Still this very high quality.


Ciberman (Publisher) 28 June 2017

Hello. Thanks for your feedback.
1 - This system use the default GM ds_map_secure_save function. If you think this is a bug you should report it to YoYo games since it's not a problem with playerprefs_gm.
2 - This system is an exact copy of the Unity3D playerprefs system. You can use it in the same way you would use playerprefs in Unity. If you are not familiar with playerprefs you can search on the internet or learn from the included example.
Thanks. If you have any question or problem, please contact me to: jhm [dot] ciberman [at] gmail [dot] com


Jean L 26 May 2017


Muy útil para guardar datos y configuraciones de manera segura! :)


Ciberman (Publisher) 28 June 2017

Muchísimas gracias!


Anonymous 05 April 2017

Easy to setup and use

This is a fantastic project. Simple, encrypted user preferences. Great stuff.


Ciberman (Publisher) 28 April 2017

Thanks. I am very glad too see playerprefs_gm helps you. If you like this asset check my other assets too:


Malek A 09 March 2017

Works beautifully

I love how easy it is to save/load data with just one easy line of code. So much easier than using INI files. And I gotta say, there was a noticeable lag with INI files when saving a large array of say, 750 entries, but with playerprefs_gm, there was absolutely no lag.
And very smart of you to give it away for free in order to promote another paid product. It worked on me! I definitely plan on buying your Tweening asset.


Ciberman (Publisher) 28 April 2017

Thanks. I hope you enjoy Tweenline. If you have any questions you can mail me to: jhm [dot] ciberman [at] gmail [dot] com


Daniel J 18 February 2017

Brilliant! Works perfectly!

My friend has been beta testing a game for me which uses this - it works PERFECTLY! He's quite good at breaking games apart and trying to exploit them, when he went to look for the save file, his response was "...F*CK" - after a lot of finding, it was a randomly named file in the System32 folder and it was very heavily encrypted, brilliant stuff!


Ciberman (Publisher) 28 April 2017

Thanks. I am very glad too see playerprefs_gm helps you. If you like this asset check my other assets too:


Ata N 03 February 2017

Hum.. That's nice BUT

What do you mean by:
"save on the DISK instead in a file?"

I want know that since I don't know how Unity save its data.
So, playerprefs_gm seems a bit appeling to me, anyway, as I don't know WHERE the data is saved (and accessible WITHOUT the _get function... I'm wondering how it works!)



Ciberman (Publisher) 28 April 2017

Save to disk is the same that save to file. You can change the save filename from playerprefs_system_init();. Also, if you check the Game Maker Studio manual, you can see that GM is sandboxed, it means that you cannot specify the file saving location, and it changes from platform to platform. In windows. If you want to know where the file is stored acording to you current target platform, you can check it here:
Also, please email me to: jhm [dot] ciberman [at] gmail [dot] com if you have any questions, since YoYo Games Maketplace does not send notifications or emails when a new review is posted. Thanks. And don't forget to update your review. :)


Isaiah C 27 January 2017


I love this! It's super simple, super easy, super fast, and free!


Ciberman (Publisher) 28 April 2017

Thanks. If you like this asset check my other assets too:


Anonymous 01 October 2016


It works as its meant to but the code its hard to read-change-debug due to beign have a lot of pieces of code calling other pieces of code.


Ciberman (Publisher) 03 October 2016

Hi. I have made the asset in the easiest and simplest way to read and debug. Can you please explain me what do you mean by "a lot of pieces of code calling other pieces of code"? You only need to use the playerprefs_* function and you dont need to change anything of the code for it to work. If you can Explain me how can I improve this extension it will be useful.


raul a 26 September 2016


Now This script works perfectly


Ciberman (Publisher) 25 September 2016

Hi Raul. The bug is solved now. Please update your review to reflect the current status. For the next time, if you want to contact me use the "Contact Publisher" link located in the top of the page or email me to jhm [dot] ciberman [at] gmail [dot] com. Do not use the Reviews system.

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