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This asset package allows you to turn your object(s) into an object with drag-and-drop capabilities, with a minimal amount of work for you.


  • Comes with a working demo (import all assets)

  • Drag and drop an object with 1 call

  • Drop an object so it snaps to another object's location (with optional range check)

Must read the included READ_ME.txt file before using scripts

There are two primary scripts that allow you to quickly add drag-and-drop functionality with a single call:

scr_dragNdrop(objToMove, dragDepth, mouseDragIcon);
scr_dragNdrop_ext(objToMove, dragDepth, mouseDragIcon, snap_obj, snap_x, snap_y, maxDistX, maxDistY);

However, there are also seven scripts to help you customize drag-and-drop functionality for your project:

scr_dNd_drag(objToDrag, dragDepth, mouseDragIcon);
scr_dNd_getDist(value_1, value_2);
scr_dNd_snap(objToMove, snap_obj, snap_x, snap_y, maxDistX, maxDistY);
scr_dNd_snapTo(objToDrop, pos_x, pos_y);

Each script contains comments explaining what the script does, and how it works.

Documentation is also included as a plain text file named "dragNdrop_doc.txt."

Please read all included text files, starting with "READ_ME.txt," they will explain how to setup and use the dragNdrop scripts properly.

You may:

  • Use these scripts in YOUR project for commercial purposes; just make sure the scripts themselves are NOT made available to your customers.

You may NOT:

  • Resell these scripts.
  • Share/distribute these scripts in a way that they can be used by other people.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them, I will be more than happy to answer.

You can reach me through the dragNdrop scripts forum (click the "Support" link above); or you can email me at:

RossSolutions_Games@yahoo.com (click the "Contact Publisher" link above).

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.4. Published September 3, 2016

2 new variables must now be added to your drag-and-drop enabled objects: - isSingleDrop - isLocked

Updated the scripts: - scr_dNd_drop [lines 46-51] - scr_dNd_snapTo [lines 59-64]

It is now possible to set an object(s) to lock in place after it has been moved once via the dragNdrop scripts. For objects using the advanced drag and drop script "scr_dragNdrop_ext()" and snaps to a specific object, the object being dragged will only be locked after successfully snapping to the snap object.

Please refer to the included text file "Using_dragNdrop.txt" for details on updating your objects with the necessary code to use this new feature.

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