Environment sprites Summarized as Follows : Sun (animated) (Cartoonic)(with glow ora) , Moon (fixed Image)(with glow ora) ,Clouds (multiple sizes) + second style for night time (note: clouds can be recolored for best usage (using colorize option for images in sprite editor)) (clouds are transparent by design) , Rain (animated) ,Raindrops on wet and dry floor types (animated) ,Grass (Cartoonic) ,Trees (multiple types as shown in the screen shot) ,Lightning (animated) , Lake (2 shapes) ,River , Cactus (2 types)

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Version 1.0.3. Published September 12, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1757

Age Rating: 9+

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Anonymous 20 September 2016

wonderful and useful sprites


Ghojah (Publisher) 22 September 2016

glad you liked it , thank you for your nice review.

send me your Email, ill send you free sprites every now and then :)

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