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TJSON is an extension for GMS1 and GMS2 that offers an improved set of functions for dealing with JSON.

Advantages include:

  • Automatic memory management - no need to explicitly free the produced structures (more on memory).
  • Type information - easily tell apart data in loaded JSON (more on types)
  • Convenience - if you load a JSON string that has a top-level array, you get an array. If the JSON string is just a numeric value, you get that. No odd maps with "default" values (more on decoding).
  • JS boolean value support - GML uses 1 and 0 as true and false values, so it is impossible to distinguish JSON true/false values in resulting data or produce a true/false value in encoded string. TJSON fixes that (more on boolean values)

The extension is compatible with all modules. Native platforms make extensive use of buffers to maximize performance. JavaScript-based platforms make use of browser's/system's functionality.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.0.3

1.0.3 changelog

Version 1.0.3. Published March 26, 2019

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1773

Age Rating: 4+

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Jim v 04 July 2019


This is how json_decode should work! Thanks for the awesomeness!


Anonymous 14 May 2019

Absolutely amazing, lightweight, and FAST!

I have JSON files that are quite large and I can't believe how easily and quickly they were parsed by TJSON. Worked right out of the box too even in GMS2


Jonathan M 18 November 2018


Amazing support und great extension. Cant thank this man enough

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Brandon S 20 November 2017

Quality GM JSON Replacement

Really doesn't get much simpler than this. YYG, hire this man.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Timmini J 24 October 2017

Yes its a great replacement for the JSON functions

The GM 1.4 built-in json decoder/encoder and all those ds_map and ds_list functions together makes it a daunting task to get the data you need. TJSON makes everything easier as it does what you expect it to do when you want traverse all through those nodes of data you need from your JSON.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.

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