First Person 3D engine


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NEED EX_AUDIO EXTENSION FOR BETTER 3D SOUND - https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/430/exaudio //Included if my project

In 1.1.0 version:

Now audio extension in "included file" inside project so you dont need to download all ex_audio project

Added simple FXAA shader check it in obj_controller

This engine will learn/show you:

How to make a shader

How to make a FPS

How to draw a camera

How to create/use scripts

How to walk

How to sprint

How to jump

How to shoot

How to aim down the sight

How to make recoil

How to automatic reload

How to manual reload

how to bash

How to calculate z collisions

How to create 3d objects

How to make 3d animations

How to import resources (textures/sounds/models)

How to make fire

How to make explosions

How to make particles

how to create fire on top of a barrel

how to shoot bullets

How to pickup items

How to build a 3d world

How to draw an HUD

How to throw grenades

how to create muzzleflash

How to destroy objects

How to blow up objects

how to play sounds

how to spray and pray

how to make a container

how to create a 3d gun

how to use UV Map

how to use distance for sounds

how to use blending

how to make brass bullet shells

how to demolish crates

How to make pieces fly away

How to make random paths

how to shoot targets

how to score points

how to place items in front of you

How to make different kind of footsteps

how to set objects on fire

how to write to a .INI

how to read from a .INI

How to make sound when you go through a object without spamming the sound endless wich will lag the game horribly

How to ... did I forget any?

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.1.0. Published August 25, 2016

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