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Folder Loader, an Extension for Android via GameMaker: Studio. Brought to you by Roadhammer Gaming! This extension is designed for your Android game and app releases made with GameMaker Studio and will allow you to make up to 4 folders (one inside the other) that you can name in the main storage area of the users Android device and return the address of the folders to your game. You can then use this address to save pictures or text created either by you or the user through your code. How to use: There is no need to use an async event in your project! Just use a script, or a code in an alarm/ mouse pressed/ key pressed event etc, and simply call getDire1("Main_folder"); to make 1 folder, getDire2("Main_folder", "Sub folder"); to make 2 folders, getDire3("Main_folder", "Sub folder 1", "Sub folder2"); to make 3 folders, and to make 4 folders getDire4("Main_folder", "Sub folder 1", "Sub folder2", "Sub folder3"); from GameMaker: Studio Then you can use the result variable(s) in any operations you wish. Example: //step event example if(mouse_check_button_released(mb_left)) { global.files = getDire2("Company name", "Game name");// Name your folders here screen_save(global.files+"/Screenshot.png");// Put a FORWARD slash before your save name, //and the filetype after (.png, .txt). Also you don't need to use working_directory+ } Here is an example game, import the project as a .gmz, You must then add the extension to the project to use! Folder Loader GMZ: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4uEFC9Ii8BndC1zTXVneUdxTzg And here's a demo video showing how to use it: https://youtu.be/H_5K2orFUPk Also you can create unlimited folders inside those folders with a repeat statement and a couple of variables, for example: var players = 1000;var numbers = 0;var folders[players]=""; Repeat(players) {Folders[players]=getDire3("My company", "My game", "Player"+string(numbers)); numbers+=1} Now you have 1000 player folders inside the My game folder!

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GMS1 - Version 3.2.0. Published December 24, 2016

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