NSP 2 is a tool for interpreting GML strings - either for executing them or evaluating them - similar to the old execute_string() function.


  • Can read and execute GML code.
  • Can solve arithmtical and logical equations, and return their outcomes.
  • It supports if and with statements, and even Repeat and While loops.
  • You can set up your own tokens and operators.
  • Crash safety with faulty code.
  • Takes up almost no memory when not in use.

Please see the Game Maker Community post or read the Documentation for more info (links down below).


Documentation Download

Game Maker Community Page

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 2.6.1. Published February 18, 2018

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.533

Age Rating: 4+

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john k 20 February 2018


DT M 21 October 2017


Can be very useful, is well documented, and is very well organized.

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Albert E 20 January 2017

Really helpfull

Lots of tools and very well documented.

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Ricardo Z 05 September 2016


Very helpful if you're working in a simple interpreter and don't want to write all for scratch.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Forevka F 26 August 2016

Good extension

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Anonymous 24 August 2016

Very helpful

This is very good scripts if you are working with Online Multiplayer stuff a lot, You can put all your scripts in server and send them to client, you don't need to upload the game again :D

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.

Package contents

Total size 20.8 KB

N String Parser 6.72 KB N String Parser 2
nsp_arithmetic_calculate.gml 1.81 KB nsp_build_grid.gml 406 Bytes NSP_check_saved.gml 185 Bytes nsp_combination_calculate.gml 641 Bytes nsp_comparison_calculate.gml 1.02 KB nsp_convert_to_list.gml 1.01 KB NSP_Documentation.gml 11.4 KB nsp_dsm_get.gml 400 Bytes nsp_dsm_set.gml 494 Bytes NSP_evaluate.gml 841 Bytes nsp_evaluate_list.gml 581 Bytes nsp_evaluate_long.gml 11.6 KB NSP_evaluate_saved.gml 819 Bytes nsp_evaluate_single.gml 2.08 KB nsp_evaluate_special_word.gml 223 Bytes nsp_execute_block.gml 777 Bytes nsp_execute_line.gml 1.04 KB nsp_execute_master.gml 7.78 KB NSP_execute_saved.gml 720 Bytes nsp_execute_script.gml 4.61 KB nsp_execute_single.gml 4.88 KB NSP_execute_string.gml 852 Bytes NSP_free.gml 599 Bytes NSP_free_saved.gml 324 Bytes nsp_get_constant.gml 660 Bytes nsp_get_token_type.gml 2.04 KB nsp_gm_nom.gml 403 Bytes nsp_grid_shift.gml 235 Bytes NSP_initialize.gml 3.44 KB nsp_is_asset.gml 145 Bytes nsp_is_dsm.gml 331 Bytes nsp_is_equal.gml 183 Bytes nsp_is_number.gml 493 Bytes nsp_is_script.gml 768 Bytes nsp_is_special_word.gml 447 Bytes nsp_is_string.gml 311 Bytes nsp_is_variable.gml 1.17 KB nsp_list_remove.gml 274 Bytes nsp_list_set_types.gml 660 Bytes nsp_list_tidy_and_verify.gml 4 KB nsp_list_to_string.gml 239 Bytes NSP_notify.gml 558 Bytes NSP_save.gml 532 Bytes nsp_src_token.gml 206 Bytes nsp_statement_positions.gml 1.62 KB nsp_string_crop.gml 633 Bytes nsp_string_crop_ext.gml 660 Bytes nsp_string_find_last.gml 420 Bytes nsp_string_force.gml 143 Bytes nsp_tokenize.gml 6.23 KB nsp_token_is_valid.gml 613 Bytes nsp_type_is_a_value.gml 373 Bytes nsp_type_name.gml 688 Bytes nsp_variable_get.gml 1.86 KB nsp_variable_get_br.gml 237 Bytes nsp_variable_get_new.gml 953 Bytes nsp_variable_global_get.gml 722 Bytes nsp_variable_global_get_br.gml 226 Bytes nsp_variable_global_get_new.gml 503 Bytes nsp_variable_global_set.gml 701 Bytes nsp_variable_global_set_br.gml 241 Bytes nsp_variable_global_set_new.gml 395 Bytes nsp_variable_set.gml 1.94 KB nsp_variable_set_br.gml 256 Bytes nsp_variable_set_new.gml 791 Bytes

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