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Pointer is highly conceptual - please only download and use it for testing- and playing-around-purposes in it's current state. However, I'm happy about feedback, bug reports and suggestions! Please use this thread in the GM:S Forum.

GM:S Forum Thread

Create pointer_vars for a whole new level of dynamic coding.

A complete description and explanation of the functions and their arguments can be found in the obj_meta

Basic functionality:

Using only normal vars:

var_1 = 5;
var_2 = var_1;
var_1 = 10;
show_debug_message(var_2); // >> 5

Using this asset:

var_1 = pl(5);
var_2 = var_1;
show_debug_message(pl(var_2)); // >> 10

From one of the examples:

str = pl(10);     // val of str: 10
dex = pl(10);  // val of dex: 10
int = pl(10);      // val of int: 10
mainstat = dex;  // val of mainstat: 10
pl(mainstat,'+',5);  // val of dex: 15 / val of mainstat: 15
dmg = pl(mainstat)*2;  // val of dmg: 30

This way you could have a obj_hero_parent and build a job-system, where the mainstat is defined by the player's choice of several jobs/classes like Warrior, Ranger, Wizard. This is just one example, the areas of application might be endless. If you have some cool ideas please participate in the above mentioned forum thread! :)

This asset does not add real pointer to GM:S, it's about delivering the kind of functionality many people, over the years, asked for in boards like the old GMC. The things people wanted to do are the foundation of this asset and I hope that some might find it damn useful. ;)

I added 5 examples, growing in complexity, to hightlight different aspects of usage and possibilities Every sample is extensively commented/documented.

Tested for following export modules: Windows, Windows(YYC), HTML5.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.1. Published August 4, 2016

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