Simple grid based maze generator. Randomised Prim's algorithm is used (Growing Tree variation). Can be easily changed to Recursive Backtracker if you want less dead ends. Code is commented and ready to use in any project or as it is for maze generation.

Possible uses:

  • Learning basic maze generation and how a List data structure works.

  • As it is, for maze generation.

  • As a part of more complex dungeon or city generator.

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Changes in 1.0.3

Added an option to change generation from randomised Prim's to Recursive Backtracker. (scr_carv_gmg)

Version 1.0.3. Published July 30, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.493

Age Rating: 4+

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Supro G 30 July 2016

Interesting asset

Really awesome asset which is a nice example of how you could generate a nice maze. The generator in which the maze slowly 'grows' really amazed me :D

I got some negative points too, for example the generated maze has really many sideways, which is not something you would always want. Furthermore, there is no possibility to tweak any settings to generate a little different maze, it's just it. That's a pity, more options would be cool.

But hey, what am I complaining about an awesome free asset? In case you like maze generators, you should definitely take a look at this one! :)

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


TearOfTheStar (Publisher) 30 July 2016

Hello and thank you for writing review,

You can change the output (to Recursive Backtracker) by changing "if(ls == 1){ri=0}else{ri = irandom(ls-1);}" to "ri = ds_list_size(wallxList)-1;" in scr_carv_gmg. I didn't explain it well in the description. It's not pure randomised Prim's, but Growing Tree Algorithm, so you can easily change outputs by tinkering with what cell it'll choose from the list.

Added this option in the new version.

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