Simple menu (Editor button to enter on the level editor and Exit button to close)

Movement of view with arrows

Scroll bar for move the view faster than using arrows

Item's bar for choose items on selected list

Item's selection list

The items that don't exists on list gonna complete with (?) sprite

The item's bar change part of a sprite using the selected list

Drag item from the selected list to the level to add or replace other

Style's selection list

Save button for save the level on a Ini file

Load button for load the saved level on a ini file

Eraser button for delete object on the level

Clear button for delete all objects on the level and move the player on start position

Menu button for go to the menu

Phone check for use touch control

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.3. Published October 2, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1760

Age Rating: 4+

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Anton B 08 August 2016


the demo is made all into objects and its just to difficult to modify it.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Neko no bokkusu (Publisher) 14 August 2016

Hi, I've added a README file to help on the new version, I can help you with contact with the link "Contact Publisher"

Package contents

Total size 62.7 KB

Level 4.99 KB Level Maker
Backgrounds datafiles Objects Rooms Scripts Sprites 952 Bytes 672 Bytes 810 Bytes 734 Bytes 675 Bytes 730 Bytes 729 Bytes 842 Bytes 842 Bytes 734 Bytes 850 Bytes 850 Bytes 805 Bytes 678 Bytes 742 Bytes 732 Bytes 674 Bytes 673 Bytes 678 Bytes 864 Bytes 1.12 KB 726 Bytes images
spr_actions_0.png 589 Bytes spr_actions_1.png 388 Bytes spr_actions_2.png 410 Bytes spr_actions_3.png 297 Bytes spr_actions_4.png 571 Bytes spr_actions_5.png 855 Bytes spr_bbar_0.png 95 Bytes spr_button_styles_0.png 765 Bytes spr_button_styles_1.png 438 Bytes spr_button_styles_2.png 1022 Bytes spr_editor_0.png 762 Bytes spr_editor_1.png 680 Bytes spr_empty_0.png 550 Bytes spr_exit_0.png 476 Bytes spr_exit_1.png 766 Bytes spr_items_0_0.png 475 Bytes spr_items_0_1.png 2.1 KB spr_items_0_2.png 594 Bytes spr_items_0_3.png 1.04 KB spr_items_1_0.png 474 Bytes spr_items_1_1.png 4.8 KB spr_items_1_2.png 5.1 KB spr_items_1_3.png 1.82 KB spr_item_0.png 350 Bytes spr_item_1.png 349 Bytes spr_logo_0.png 3.18 KB spr_logo_1.png 4.52 KB spr_objects_0_0.png 475 Bytes spr_objects_0_1.png 2.1 KB spr_objects_0_2.png 594 Bytes spr_objects_0_3.png 2.06 KB spr_objects_1_0.png 474 Bytes spr_objects_1_1.png 4.8 KB spr_objects_1_2.png 5.1 KB spr_objects_1_3.png 2.81 KB spr_player_logo_0.png 805 Bytes spr_player_logo_1.png 860 Bytes spr_player_logo_2.png 897 Bytes spr_slider_0.png 164 Bytes spr_slider_bar_0.png 345 Bytes spr_slider_bar_1.png 345 Bytes spr_styles_0.png 827 Bytes spr_styles_1.png 892 Bytes spr_tbars_0.png 227 Bytes spr_tbar_0.png 249 Bytes spr_test_0.png 391 Bytes spr_touch_arrows_0.png 699 Bytes spr_touch_arrows_1.png 712 Bytes spr_touch_arrows_2.png 552 Bytes spr_touch_arrows_3.png 548 Bytes spr_ts_falling_blocks_0.png 2.1 KB spr_ts_falling_blocks_1.png 594 Bytes spr_ts_falling_blocks_2.png 150 Bytes spr_ts_falling_blocks_3.png 154 Bytes spr_ts_falling_blocks_4.png 165 Bytes spr_ts_falling_blocks_5.png 160 Bytes spr_ts_falling_blocks_6.png 266 Bytes spr_ts_falling_blocks_7.png 264 Bytes spr_vbar_0.png 124 Bytes spr_vbar_1.png 118 Bytes

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