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Have you ever wanted to make a game with AAA game quality complex dialog? Well now you can! This game maker extension and editor application allows you to easily and quickly create and import arbitrarily complex dialog interactions into your game. Brandon's Dialog Studio has two parts, a dialog IDE, and a GMS extension that will use GML to run dialog that you create. The Dialog Studio is capable of nearly anything you can imagine when it comes to dialog development! The Dialog Runner will handle Items, Delays, Multiple Dialog Options for the Player, and Basic Logic and branching based on the present game state. It was designed to be a generic back end and is able to be imported into any style of dialog intensive game.

To start the demo use the following credentials Email: DEMO License Key: DEMO

For information on how to purchase a full license, please contact [email protected]

Integration with the Dialog Studio is simple and uses a small API that mirrors GMS's built-in data structures. Please check out the online help to see if it is right for your next project!

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Presently this is a beta release and there may be some minor issues with this package, however, we are hard at work using this asset in our upcoming game and rest assured, any bugs you find will be addressed as quickly as possible. During our Beta period we will also be offering a 40% discount, which is reflected in the sale price!

The Dialog Studio IDE will require a Java Runtime Environment of version 6 or higher.

The Dialog Studio IDE will require registration with us, but don't worry, all we need is for you to send your YOYO Games Purchase confirmation to [email protected] and we will get you your license key to you within 72 hours. The license is good forever, but is restricted to be used with Game Maker Studio games only. If you would like to use it for other projects please contact us directly at [email protected] and we can discuss other licensing options.

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 0.4.6. Published September 8, 2017

Corrected bug with activating the demo

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