PixelCandy v1105 is a simple particle designer to generate custom particles for your game projects. Included is a test project to demonstrate usage of the particles created in the designer. All particles are generated from a set of inbuilt sprites which are included in the project also. The particles are a set of fourteen 8x8, 16x16 and 32x32 pixel sprites. These sprite sets are perfect for any retro game which would benefit from modern effects whilst retaining an old-skool feel.

Try the HTML5 version in your browser before you decide to download.


  • Incredibly Simple to use
  • Great for Beginners to implement
  • Perfect for Retro Styled games
  • Choose Colours from DawnBringers 32 Colour Palette
  • Now with blood, glass, hearts, rocks and more unique particles
  • Nice to just play with :-)

Download the Windows PixelCandy designer (updated 2017.11.27) to generate the particle data for the project files. Generated GML text files can now be saved wherever you want. In addition you can now save a .pcandy file to load back in if you wish to tweak your particles. Custom particles are planned for the next build

Download the PixelCandy PDF help document.

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End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.3. Published June 24, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1757

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 25 January 2018


Anonymous 27 December 2017

Free. Effective, but needs some tweaking


BASIL E 24 November 2017


Anonymous 01 August 2017



Jordan D 22 January 2017


Jordan D 25 September 2017


Brian W 04 November 2016

Super nice software

Can you add somthing so we can choose our own particle images?


ZiNGOT GAMES (Publisher) 30 November 2016

I am planning on creating an export to specific location and consequently an import of sprites to a set of user-banks would be pretty handy too. Definitely a consideration ;-)


Anonymous 06 October 2016

Outstanding Product!

This is one of the most useful products available in the marketplace, this designer is essential to anyone wanting to add particles to their project in a practical way, so far in my use the only thing I could imagine adding is to allow the user to set the export location, not a huge deal as you can just pin or shortcut the location it exports the .txt file, but something that could prove to benefit some developers.
Great work to ZiNGOT on this, and thank you for providing it to the community!!


ZiNGOT GAMES (Publisher) 30 November 2016

I am in the process of finishing my first GMS game, and when I do I will be adding an export to specific location as it is a pain not having it =)


Trevor M 26 August 2016

Great system

I love the designer!


ZiNGOT GAMES (Publisher) 30 November 2016

Thank you very much Trevor.


Kurt L 23 June 2016

How do you get all the particles?

It has great graphics, but I can only use three particles. It appears there are more, but I can't figure out how to access them. Please help.

thanks, this helped.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


ZiNGOT GAMES (Publisher) 21 June 2016

Are you referring to the PixelCandy designer or when testing in the code? In the designer you simply click the type of particle you require in the bottom right of the GUI for particle sprites. If you mean in the test project to use the exported particles then you need to edit the code manually to add your own. I will be updating both Designer and Project today (21.06.2016) and hopefully this will make things a little easier.


Thomas K 16 June 2016

Uber Awesome

I hate making particles in Game Maker, but this makes it extremely easy.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


ZiNGOT GAMES (Publisher) 17 June 2016

I'm glad you find PixelCandy useful.

Package contents

Total size 40.1 KB 6.86 KB PixelCandy
Fonts Objects Rooms Scripts Sprites 678 Bytes 680 Bytes 673 Bytes 677 Bytes 679 Bytes 672 Bytes 679 Bytes 681 Bytes 674 Bytes 676 Bytes 678 Bytes 680 Bytes 673 Bytes 677 Bytes 679 Bytes 672 Bytes 682 Bytes 684 Bytes 677 Bytes 678 Bytes 680 Bytes 673 Bytes 676 Bytes 678 Bytes 671 Bytes 678 Bytes 680 Bytes 673 Bytes 678 Bytes 680 Bytes 673 Bytes 676 Bytes 680 Bytes 672 Bytes 677 Bytes 679 Bytes 672 Bytes 676 Bytes 682 Bytes 673 Bytes 678 Bytes 680 Bytes 673 Bytes 677 Bytes 679 Bytes 672 Bytes 677 Bytes 679 Bytes 672 Bytes 678 Bytes 680 Bytes 673 Bytes 677 Bytes 679 Bytes 672 Bytes 678 Bytes 680 Bytes 673 Bytes 679 Bytes 681 Bytes 674 Bytes 679 Bytes 681 Bytes 674 Bytes 677 Bytes 679 Bytes 672 Bytes images
spr_blood_16_0.png 393 Bytes spr_blood_32_0.png 729 Bytes spr_blood_8_0.png 209 Bytes spr_bone_16_0.png 418 Bytes spr_bone_32_0.png 375 Bytes spr_bone_8_0.png 212 Bytes spr_circle_16_0.png 235 Bytes spr_circle_32_0.png 605 Bytes spr_circle_8_0.png 143 Bytes spr_clickpixel_0.png 68 Bytes spr_cloud_16_0.png 389 Bytes spr_cloud_32_0.png 1.06 KB spr_cloud_8_0.png 175 Bytes spr_disc_16_0.png 268 Bytes spr_disc_32_0.png 531 Bytes spr_disc_8_0.png 137 Bytes spr_explosion_16_0.png 498 Bytes spr_explosion_32_0.png 1.47 KB spr_explosion_8_0.png 201 Bytes spr_flare_16_0.png 425 Bytes spr_flare_32_0.png 1.13 KB spr_flare_8_0.png 185 Bytes spr_gem_16_0.png 462 Bytes spr_gem_32_0.png 399 Bytes spr_gem_8_0.png 220 Bytes spr_glass_16_0.png 596 Bytes spr_glass_32_0.png 345 Bytes spr_glass_8_0.png 275 Bytes spr_heart_16_0.png 742 Bytes spr_heart_32_0.png 1.74 KB spr_heart_8_0.png 304 Bytes spr_line_16_0.png 125 Bytes spr_line_32_0.png 194 Bytes spr_line_8_0.png 89 Bytes spr_nuke_16_0.png 566 Bytes spr_nuke_32_0.png 1.63 KB spr_nuke_8_0.png 240 Bytes spr_pixel_16_0.png 101 Bytes spr_pixel_32_0.png 125 Bytes spr_pixel_8_0.png 82 Bytes spr_pulse_16_0.png 744 Bytes spr_pulse_32_0.png 2.26 KB spr_pulse_8_0.png 292 Bytes spr_ring_16_0.png 367 Bytes spr_ring_32_0.png 1.09 KB spr_ring_8_0.png 128 Bytes spr_rock_16_0.png 177 Bytes spr_rock_32_0.png 329 Bytes spr_rock_8_0.png 126 Bytes spr_smoke_16_0.png 488 Bytes spr_smoke_32_0.png 1.36 KB spr_smoke_8_0.png 194 Bytes spr_snow_16_0.png 238 Bytes spr_snow_32_0.png 670 Bytes spr_snow_8_0.png 120 Bytes spr_spark_16_0.png 331 Bytes spr_spark_32_0.png 865 Bytes spr_spark_8_0.png 154 Bytes spr_sphere_16_0.png 365 Bytes spr_sphere_32_0.png 1.04 KB spr_sphere_8_0.png 134 Bytes spr_square_16_0.png 132 Bytes spr_square_32_0.png 217 Bytes spr_square_8_0.png 91 Bytes spr_star_16_0.png 283 Bytes spr_star_32_0.png 687 Bytes spr_star_8_0.png 125 Bytes

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