Inspired on 8bit and 16bit era games, Easy Menu System is an asset that lets you easily design menu prompts for your game. It's just two objects (one for menu parents, another one for menu control) and three scripts. Easy Menu System is designed with usability and hackability in mind, so you can use it on any circumstance (as long as your game controls with keyboard or a gamepad!*)

Comes with an example project so you get some ideas on how to use it!

*gamepad not supported, although it's easy to write the hookups for it.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.0. Published July 24, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1757

Age Rating: 4+

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Alex k 19 March 2018

just dont work

In GM2 lost script with font's function


Anonymous 16 January 2018


Vinicius G 23 July 2017


It works perfectly and is quite easy to understand even for beginners. The single issue I am running into is that the menu seems fixed to its original size in pixels out of the box, and does not scale automatically with an upscaled larger port to the screen of the room view, nor with fullscreen. I remains 1x1 pixels as is, which is probably not the intended standard behavior.


Anonymous 27 June 2017


Jeffrey G 22 February 2017

Pretty Cool

Just what I was looking for, thanks!


John M 15 August 2016

Very nice

It is very easy to use but how do you change the size? good job anyway


Anonymous 11 August 2016

Great retro-styled menu system

GameMaker makes games easy, but there's not a whole lot going for UI management which makes quality UI extensions very important.

Easy Menu System makes retro console-style menus super easy to implement. Especially ideal for controller-oriented games.

Package contents

Total size 15.3 KB 1.63 KB EasyMenuSystem
Backgrounds Objects Rooms Scripts Sprites 1.04 KB 6.17 KB images
s_box_border_0.png 98 Bytes s_box_border_1.png 97 Bytes s_box_border_2.png 104 Bytes s_box_border_3.png 105 Bytes s_box_border_4.png 91 Bytes s_box_border_5.png 90 Bytes s_box_border_6.png 85 Bytes s_box_border_7.png 84 Bytes s_font_normal_0.png 133 Bytes s_font_normal_1.png 135 Bytes s_font_normal_10.png 120 Bytes s_font_normal_11.png 119 Bytes s_font_normal_12.png 160 Bytes s_font_normal_13.png 122 Bytes s_font_normal_14.png 109 Bytes s_font_normal_15.png 103 Bytes s_font_normal_16.png 99 Bytes s_font_normal_17.png 106 Bytes s_font_normal_18.png 161 Bytes s_font_normal_19.png 128 Bytes s_font_normal_2.png 70 Bytes s_font_normal_20.png 153 Bytes s_font_normal_21.png 151 Bytes s_font_normal_22.png 144 Bytes s_font_normal_23.png 156 Bytes s_font_normal_24.png 148 Bytes s_font_normal_25.png 129 Bytes s_font_normal_26.png 155 Bytes s_font_normal_27.png 148 Bytes s_font_normal_28.png 91 Bytes s_font_normal_29.png 102 Bytes s_font_normal_3.png 113 Bytes s_font_normal_30.png 119 Bytes s_font_normal_31.png 122 Bytes s_font_normal_32.png 122 Bytes s_font_normal_33.png 128 Bytes s_font_normal_34.png 161 Bytes s_font_normal_35.png 146 Bytes s_font_normal_36.png 161 Bytes s_font_normal_37.png 146 Bytes s_font_normal_38.png 157 Bytes s_font_normal_39.png 156 Bytes s_font_normal_4.png 113 Bytes s_font_normal_40.png 138 Bytes s_font_normal_41.png 158 Bytes s_font_normal_42.png 154 Bytes s_font_normal_43.png 135 Bytes s_font_normal_44.png 138 Bytes s_font_normal_45.png 145 Bytes s_font_normal_46.png 132 Bytes s_font_normal_47.png 158 Bytes s_font_normal_48.png 158 Bytes s_font_normal_49.png 155 Bytes s_font_normal_5.png 161 Bytes s_font_normal_50.png 143 Bytes s_font_normal_51.png 155 Bytes s_font_normal_52.png 155 Bytes s_font_normal_53.png 151 Bytes s_font_normal_54.png 141 Bytes s_font_normal_55.png 151 Bytes s_font_normal_56.png 145 Bytes s_font_normal_57.png 156 Bytes s_font_normal_58.png 146 Bytes s_font_normal_59.png 131 Bytes s_font_normal_6.png 146 Bytes s_font_normal_60.png 153 Bytes s_font_normal_61.png 143 Bytes s_font_normal_62.png 115 Bytes s_font_normal_63.png 143 Bytes s_font_normal_64.png 101 Bytes s_font_normal_65.png 101 Bytes s_font_normal_66.png 104 Bytes s_font_normal_67.png 137 Bytes s_font_normal_68.png 155 Bytes s_font_normal_69.png 133 Bytes s_font_normal_7.png 142 Bytes s_font_normal_70.png 154 Bytes s_font_normal_71.png 141 Bytes s_font_normal_72.png 128 Bytes s_font_normal_73.png 147 Bytes s_font_normal_74.png 150 Bytes s_font_normal_75.png 129 Bytes s_font_normal_76.png 124 Bytes s_font_normal_77.png 138 Bytes s_font_normal_78.png 131 Bytes s_font_normal_79.png 148 Bytes s_font_normal_8.png 152 Bytes s_font_normal_80.png 143 Bytes s_font_normal_81.png 136 Bytes s_font_normal_82.png 144 Bytes s_font_normal_83.png 142 Bytes s_font_normal_84.png 129 Bytes s_font_normal_85.png 136 Bytes s_font_normal_86.png 139 Bytes s_font_normal_87.png 142 Bytes s_font_normal_88.png 128 Bytes s_font_normal_89.png 138 Bytes s_font_normal_9.png 108 Bytes s_font_normal_90.png 120 Bytes s_font_normal_91.png 144 Bytes s_font_normal_92.png 137 Bytes s_font_normal_93.png 117 Bytes s_font_normal_94.png 116 Bytes s_font_normal_95.png 120 Bytes s_font_normal_96.png 108 Bytes

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