Fully compatible with GMS:1 and GMS:2

By far the most comprehensive and functional Google Analytics extension on the market. Easily manage user analytics with the full functionality of Google App Analytics:

  • Real time analytics enabled: See how many people are playing and where users are in your app in real time
  • Events: Track when users get rewards, pass a level or achieve something else great
  • Screens: Gage how long users spend in levels, on menus and many other applications
  • Timing: Understand how long users are waiting for your app to load and perform other tasks

Please note that the documentation recommends replacing the built in device ID function with a specific asset on the Marketplace. This is no longer the case. It is now recommended that you replace the device_get_id() function with a generated UUIDv4

(be sure to only generate one and store it in an INI file or similar).

Please read the included readme.txt in the extension to get you started with the straightforward functionality and be aware of a few things you will need to change to operate the extension.

This extension works on all Gamemaker Platforms (even desktop!).


GMLVideo SafeSave INI

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.0. Published June 10, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1749

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 18 June 2019


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 02 July 2019

Hi, please feel free to get in touch so I can assist you with any problems you've encountered.


orbis s 30 January 2019


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 25 May 2019

Thanks for the review!


Manjeet K 22 September 2018

Wonderful extension

Easy to use and also developer support is incredible.


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 06 October 2018

Thanks Manjeet, pleasure working with you!


Wanderson P 11 August 2018

Great Asset!

Works perfectly!


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 12 August 2018

Thanks for your review :)!


Jean C 28 February 2018


Jordan D 28 September 2017

Works as intended

Easy to use extension that works as intended


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 30 September 2017

Much appreciated :)


CH C 14 September 2017

Solid Implementation

Thanks for providing the ext


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 14 September 2017

Glad you are pleased and thank you for taking the time to update your review :)


LEE S 12 August 2017

Very Nice Extension

i like it!
need to set randomize () before get id! Works very well


Emmanouil P 05 July 2017


Azamat Z 09 June 2017

I like it

Works fine, the extension size is very small, it's awesome extension. <3


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 14 June 2017

Thanks for reviewing Azamat glad you're pleased :)


Justin L 05 April 2017


for the price it provided a great deal of functionality, more so than i realized by reading the documentation and when i took the time to contact the creator he provided detailed and precise information so i could effectively use this work.

all said an excellent service.


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 09 April 2017

Much appreciated, thank you for reviewing!


Ricardo Z 22 March 2017


It do all I was expecting and works well on Windows, Mac and HTML5!


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 22 March 2017

Thanks for leaving a review :)


Michel M 03 February 2017


But I have a problem with real time function, cant see more than just one user.


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 22 March 2017

Hi there - sorry you are having trouble, email me and we will sort it out.


Liquid G 01 February 2017

Works fine


Sorob T 30 October 2016

Easy to setup and works on non mobile platforms!

Only took me a few minutes to implement and was really looking for something cross platform too, thanks!

I have two problems though:

1) I can't build (Mac/Android) on GM version 1.4.1474. I get this error in the console:
Compile Extensions...
Error : gml_Script_isset(1) : unknown function or script gml_pragma
Error : gml_Script_iterkey(2) : unknown function or script gml_pragma
Error : gml_Script_iterval(2) : unknown function or script gml_pragma
It prevents the rest of the build from proceeding. If I remove the pragma reference in the extension it seems it will build and record analytics.

2) Just FYI, in the README file you document the function 'google_analytics_time_end' but it is actually 'google_analytics_time_stop'

Thanks for the great work! Saved me some time.


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 31 October 2016

Hi there, Thanks for reviewing! Will fix the readme typo.

A note for the pragma stuff - If it produces errors for you, there is no negative impact by removing it as you have.
What that function does is that in newer versions of gamemaker (This gml_pragma feature was added on the 10/07/2015, your gamemaker version must be really old!) is add the ability to make small speed improvements by the compiler. If you are using an older GM version, just remove it, otherwise it's fine.

For anyone else who faces this problem, if you don't want to go through the source to delete things, just add a script in your project called gml_pragma and in it have

return argument0;


Chris L 29 October 2016

Great stuff!

I just replaced the YYG extension with yours... so nice! Love that it will work with Mac and Windows now too. Great job! Worth more than $1.99 that's for certain. Cheers!


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 29 October 2016

Glad to be of service; thanks for reviewing :)


Grzegorz K 23 October 2016

It's great!

Should init function be just on first screen of application? Or be part of construct for every room?


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 23 October 2016

The init function only needs to be called once per game, so just the start of the first room will work fine :) Thanks for reviewing.


David B 15 June 2016


was easy to set up and works on all platforms including pc!

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