Have you ever wondered how certain games are created? In this installment of "How Did They Do That: Black Jack" we analyze exactly what goes in to making a game like Black Jack. In this project / tutorial we go over exactly what the mechanics are that makes this game so popular and we do it in laimens terms so that it is easy to understand.

In this project we explore:

  • Lists
  • Data structures
  • Modulation
  • Buttons
  • Advanced Finite State Machine (FSM)
  • AI (Dealer)
  • Fancy effects
  • Card manipulation

and much much more!

  • Note that these projects / source engines are NOT completed games. They are simply demos that seek to break down the core mechanics of a beloved and popular video game. While many of these games are no doubt programmed outside of the Game Maker IDE, their core components attempt to replicate consistency and accuracy to the authenticity of the original invention.

Please leave a review - good or bad, as this helps myself and others see what this asset should have, what it may be missing or what is praise worthy. Thank you and have a great day!

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Version 1.0.0. Published June 8, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1749

Age Rating: 4+

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Handi W 04 July 2017

Awesome with affordable price!

It covers most of the "core components" to give a playable game. I can learn more from it and understand how the engine works.


Oscar R 11 June 2016

Very nice!

Does exactly what you'll need to make your blackjack game,heavily and crealy commented.

Totally recommended!

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How Did They Do 1.42 KB How Did They Do That-BlackJack
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spr_button_0.png 325 Bytes spr_button_1.png 728 Bytes spr_button_2.png 416 Bytes spr_cards_0.png 534 Bytes spr_cards_1.png 576 Bytes spr_cards_10.png 1.47 KB spr_cards_11.png 1.24 KB spr_cards_12.png 486 Bytes spr_cards_13.png 505 Bytes spr_cards_14.png 551 Bytes spr_cards_15.png 519 Bytes spr_cards_16.png 562 Bytes spr_cards_17.png 535 Bytes spr_cards_18.png 594 Bytes spr_cards_19.png 634 Bytes spr_cards_2.png 563 Bytes spr_cards_20.png 604 Bytes spr_cards_21.png 645 Bytes spr_cards_22.png 1.29 KB spr_cards_23.png 1.45 KB spr_cards_24.png 1.34 KB spr_cards_25.png 452 Bytes spr_cards_26.png 516 Bytes spr_cards_27.png 573 Bytes spr_cards_28.png 538 Bytes spr_cards_29.png 592 Bytes spr_cards_3.png 601 Bytes spr_cards_30.png 576 Bytes spr_cards_31.png 628 Bytes spr_cards_32.png 592 Bytes spr_cards_33.png 667 Bytes spr_cards_34.png 698 Bytes spr_cards_35.png 1.34 KB spr_cards_36.png 1.49 KB spr_cards_37.png 1.45 KB spr_cards_38.png 477 Bytes spr_cards_39.png 532 Bytes spr_cards_4.png 590 Bytes spr_cards_40.png 566 Bytes spr_cards_41.png 583 Bytes spr_cards_42.png 605 Bytes spr_cards_43.png 603 Bytes spr_cards_44.png 649 Bytes spr_cards_45.png 610 Bytes spr_cards_46.png 700 Bytes spr_cards_47.png 699 Bytes spr_cards_48.png 1.29 KB spr_cards_49.png 1.38 KB spr_cards_5.png 640 Bytes spr_cards_50.png 1.22 KB spr_cards_51.png 551 Bytes spr_cards_52.png 795 Bytes spr_cards_6.png 593 Bytes spr_cards_7.png 666 Bytes spr_cards_8.png 719 Bytes spr_cards_9.png 1.32 KB spr_exclaim_0.png 1.2 KB spr_exclaim_1.png 2.11 KB spr_exclaim_2.png 1.95 KB spr_exclaim_3.png 2.28 KB spr_exclaim_4.png 2.09 KB

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