Need a scalable chat window for your games? Try RPG Chat! With this awesome, easy-to-use chat box, you can implement any kind of chat system you would need!

  • Scalable text box for any size window
  • Clean, commented code for you to edit
  • Everything you need to know in one chat object
  • Place the chat object inside any room and watch the magic happen!
  • Customizable window with background color, size, alpha, outline (outline color)
  • Change the line spacing and font sizes
  • Responsive text fits right inside the width/height of the text box!
  • Dynamic chat with fading lines added



  • Bug Fix: Implementing this into a project was causing everything to fade with chat.


  • **NEW: Chat scroll speed
  • Updated the interface to tell you how to dynamically change the chat options while in-game


  • **NEW: Fading chat based on variabels set per chatbox instance
  • Dynamic chat with fading lines added
  • New variables for dynamic chat setup with the new fade
  • Easier chat box setup

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Version 1.3.0. Published May 6, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1757

Age Rating: 4+

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Kevin T 30 July 2018


Mathew C 08 May 2016

Great Simple Text Box

Great Asset up and running in minutes.

Any way you could add in an automatic scrolling feature. Having the oldest disappear or fade out after X seconds.


**Update** That sounds great! I was going to write that in the next few days to add on to your code. Not to duplicate efforts are you planning on releasing the update soon for this functionality?

**Update 2** Thats awesome. I`ll be checking it out later today/tonight. Talk soon

**Works great! Excellent update! Sorry for the delay on my end.. life gets in the way :)


North Suns Entertainment (Publisher) 09 May 2016

I will be adding that in the next update of this script. Right now it just calculates the lines, sets up the array based on those lines, and overwrites the array spots based on the line position. It was the easiest way to setup the chat storage for messages, but I felt like it wasn't as pretty that way :)

Thanks for the rating!

I will be updating it before the weekend is over! If you don't see it by Monday, then I'm slacking. :)

***UPDATE 2:
So...I totally just updated it with what you were looking for...Enjoy the update!

*** UPDATE 3:
Hey, I know all too well about life getting in the way! I'm glad you like it! Let me know if you have any questions/features you may want to see for this. :)

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