The NailBuster GUI Widget Library is a well-liked and popular addition that adds easy-to-use and flexible Visual Components to your Game Menus/User Interface!

The library is designed to be very feature rich, easy to control, and with advanced features like button and label tweening animations. The library has been released/development for over a year, and I've updated it frequently...

**Try the online html5 demo to see it in action: **

Current Widgets: Button, Label, CheckBox, ListBox, Image, BubbleMsg, EditBox, Dialogs, ComboBox, ComboGroup, TextBox, AnimatedText, Slider, Gauge, Horizontal ListBox, KeyboardPopUp, Panels..and more!

Documentation PDF :

Sample Project:

* License Note *

This asset is only Free to download and use in your non-commercial app/games....
You can also download and try this asset in your commercial game/application, but you are required to purchase the
**NailBuster GUI Widget Library Commercial Version **( ) if you choose to use any part in a commercial/monetized app/game.  

Please read the license.txt within asset for full license info.

Goals of the library was to minimize # of objects to manage. The sample project app actually only uses ONE object to control all the events from the components. You actually don’t touch the widget objects, everything is done with properties created in the room editor(or in code)… great!

Library comes with FULL GML SOURCE CODE, this is not an GMStudio Extension that is complicated or ‘hides’ source.

Pure GML code, works with html5, android, windows, iOS,winphone...

Asset has (as included files) Manual/Documentation and sample project...

YouTube Tutorials:

More info

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

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Version 1.4.1. Published July 20, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.180

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 17 March 2017


W S 11 October 2016

Excellent asset

GUI is one of the worst parts of GameMaker and this makes things SO EASY. Defaults are a little... "Powerpoint 1998 style", but DOESNT MATTER because it's really easy to change the defaults. Im gonna play around with this and surely buy the commercial one when I decide to make a commercial game!


Anonymous 25 February 2016

Highly recommended

One of the must-have library out there. Very well written, comprehensive and well documented clean code... Great job!


Michael I 18 November 2014

Makes Gamemaker much easier

I use the library for some weeks now, it really saves you a lot of time. It's very easy to use, the documentation is fine. Many features, reasonable price for the commercial version. Highly recommended!


Dmitry K 05 October 2014

Nice lib with wide features and platforms support

Waiting for on/off switches, windows, screen sliders etc.


Fredy C 04 August 2014


Very easy to use, well structured and useful and works for HTML5 :D



Thomas H 01 August 2014

Advice 1: Get it! Advice 2: Buy it!

I've been working with the UI widget library for several months now and I can only recommend it to you wholeheartedly.
The design decision to base the UI widgets on objects is perfect. Place your UI widgets in the room editor and customize appearance and behavior in the creation code inside the room editor.
Everything is controlled by object variables which can be influenced by scripts too of course. Dynamic creation of UI widgets is possible using a few lines of code. Also grouping and tweening of widgets is in.
The library is optimized for mouse and touch input, keyboard input is available for text widgets as is a complete virtual keyboard for mobile devices. User events make it easy to react on UI input. Use one or many controller objects to deal with input.
You will have a first working GUI in minutes and a sexy GUI in a few hours. Flexibility to ease your life is key here!

Final statement: Give it a go and you will see there is no better UI library for GameMaker:Studio!


Piyush D 21 July 2014

Easy, smart, and fancy!

This framework is super easy to install and use with its clever inbuilt room system. It reduced my production time quite a lot. It comes with many features which you can see for yourself and I highly recommend this!

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