A collection of retro inspired chiptune tracks for use in RPG games made in Gamemaker Studio.

Total runtime: 12:21

Tracklist: Town 01 Town 02 Shop 01 Shop 02 Forest 01 Forest 02 Dungeon 01 Dungeon 02 Random Encounter Boss Enemy Title Screen Music Jingle 01 Jingle 02 Jingle 03 Level Up Item Get

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Version 1.0.0. Published April 8, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1711

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 19 June 2017


it really fells retro


Anonymous 06 July 2017


Anonymous 18 February 2017


Incredible, absolutely incredible.


Chris B 07 February 2017


This pack sounds very professional, I'd pay the amount the author is asking for this. If you're looking to make a game like Final Fantasy or Legend Of Zelda, this is the music/sound pack for you. I noticed that Town01 is the same as Jingle01. Not sure if this intentional or accidental but I would still give it 5/5. I would actually like to see more content from this user.


Anonymous 18 January 2017


Christian I 06 October 2016

Blown away!

These are great, you deserve every star!


Johan B 13 September 2016

Seriously cool tunes :)

I have used this in my Game, please see credits here: (The credits option within my game will open the Steam browser to the credits page)
If you would like anything changed on the credits page please contact me <3


Ata N 11 September 2016

Love it!!

Thankfully for that, when I heard thoses beats.. I was like crazy !!!! LOVE IT !


Abdelfattah R 11 July 2016

Great Music Fits All My Uses



Anonymous 14 May 2016

Very useful!

Sounds great, perfect rpg music for a prototype rpg or even final draft.

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