Grids is a GML script library for Game Maker that allows you to rapidly implement games built on various types of grids.

  • Supports hex grids (pointy and flat), rect grids, and diamond grids
  • Supports grids in different shapes.
  • Supports contents of any data type.
  • Supports fast lookup of points (whether a point is inside a grid or not).
  • Supports access through integer vectors.
  • Vectors support addition, subtraction, scaling, matrix multiplication, and dot product.
  • Supports iterators for grids - easily loop through all the points in a grid.
  • Support easy mapping to screen coordinates (with functions to translate and scale the grid, and align the grid to the edges, corners or center of a rectangle).
  • Support grid colorings.
  • Supports A* path finding.
  • We provide clean code.
  • We provide excellent support.

Examples included:

  • Simple pointy hex grid setup.
  • Simple flat hex setup.
  • Path finding (one with a simple grid, another with two grids for visual display).
  • Lights-Out Game.
  • Lines Game.

More info

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.2.3

  • Fixed a bug with rect and diamond coordinate conversions with the generic functions.

Version 1.2.3. Published September 27, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1398

Age Rating: 4+

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Michael P 17 November 2018

Can't even import it into 1.4


Marco V 07 August 2018


Terrence Y 18 April 2018


Jim E 06 March 2018

Great Stuff!

I purchased this a while back during GMS1 days and learned quite a bit looking at the code. A lot of work went into this library, which is evident from the demos it came with. The library is well documented as well and provides several examples. To my knowledge, there is no other asset like this anywhere in the GM world.

Now for my rant... Also, it isn't fair to rate a product against a version it isn't meant to work in (e.g., GMS2). It states clearly on this item that it is meant for GM1.4, not GMS2. Of course, you'll have compatibility issues, but that isn't the developer's fault. If the developer wrote it for GMS2 and you had problems, then that poor feedback is fair game. However, to give a library a bad review for the version it isn't meant to work in isn't right!


Mike H 20 January 2018

Great library but NOT compatible with GM:S 2

I recently bought this, the docs are great, the library itself is great, but it hasn't been updated in 4 years and there are DEFINITELY compatibility issues with Game Maker Studio 2.

Just importing the library warns you about incompatibilities, and if you continue and even try to follow the basic tutorial, your project will compile but fail to run.

I'm having to pick and choose individual scripts I need for my project and manually port them over to GM:S 2 compatible code. I figure that's still probably faster than writing an entire grid library myself (which my game is based on).


Anonymous 01 September 2017


Mikhail K 28 February 2017

Good stuff. But needs improvement.

Everything that Daemon E said. Especially about script tips.

+ It would be nice to make greeds with "connected" sides (Imagine a world map in Civilization). Or at least able to. At the moment there is even no applicable grid shape for this! If A-star would work with these grids it would be perfect!


Relliks M 23 October 2016



Beautiful code, useful function and interface, and examples with detailed document. It is the best Grid extension I've found in GM Marketplace. If anyone wants to create an SLG game, there is no better choice than it at the moment.

And the following is my suggestion:

Now a cell is only two states——accessible or not. Is there possiblilty that every cell have a move-cost but not only "true" or "false"? In some games, it is common that accessible cells cost different move points according to their types.
Also, the astar can get a return from a script to show the move range with given move points. If anyone want to create slg game and found this extension, they will need it as I think.


Pawel T 19 August 2016

Great set, a lot of scripts

For my use it's more than I need for grids, but I will use it for more projects I'm sure. Start is not easy, because here a lot of functions, but after some time you will see power. Good price for value and very good contact with author.


Damon E 25 September 2017

This is vary good library, needs an update

This is very good quality code, especially for the price. I am extremely happy with it.
With that said, there is always room for improvement. I am listing a few things that I think are worthy of an update.

Provide memory cleanup for collections (and use them in your functions to clean up memory).
Any time a collection is create with function like ds_map_create(), there should be a corresponding ds_map_destroy(map).
I would expect to have functions like ds_pointset_destroy(pointset).

There appear to be some memory leaks. One example is gl_grid_connected.
There are a couple of point_sets created that are never destroyed. (ds_pointset_destroy would be great here! :)

Add comments at start of each API function so that code tips work in the editor
Example: ///gl_get_connected_line(grid, point, dir)

Add some documentation related to the connection algorithms. Example shows how to use it, but takes a little digging. It is not clear at first.


Felix B 15 May 2016

Amazing set of scripts, with great documentation!

This is hands down the most impressive collection of scripts i have bought on the marketplace. There is an increadible amount of helper scripts and new data structures for just about everything needed to make a grid based game. The aproach is rather different to anything seen in gamemaker before, but being a fan of object orientated design, this aproach of using object to represent anything from vectors to strategies as some collection or object truely resonates with me.
If i had but one complaint so far, it is that the scripts dont include a parameter signature, making it a little harder to use as i found myself opening every script to take not of their arguments.

Would totally recomend to any more advanced programmer looking for a robust grid framework.


Cristian M 14 March 2016

Five stars support!

By the way, is not recommended for beginners (like me), better start for somewhere else.


Josef S 19 January 2016

Great asset, I love it!

It has a very good documentation, about 10 pages of pdf with code and everything, it gets a bit advanced, but it's easy to understand with the documentation. It has lots of functions, it's really a great lib.
I do recommend to add this to your project first thing and then build your game up from there, as I don't think it would be fun to implement in a finished game.


randy t 16 December 2015


Really easy to dig into. I wish our Gamemaker port was as full featured as the Unity version, specifically I wish this had Rhombille grids. Excellent, nonetheless. Highly recomended!


William G 29 April 2015

Good Product, but no longer supported

Had trouble implementing into my project & after a week- the publisher has not responded to my email. From what I can tell, Gamelogic is still around (Their blog is still active) but "Contact Publisher" is a loss cause.

It does have a wonderful library & a lot of great functions. Nearly everything is documented, though some of it is vague and hard to understand for those without extensive GML experience.


Gamelogic (Publisher) 13 May 2015

Hi William,

I am sorry you had a bad experience. We are definitely still supporting the product. I did a search for your email, and we did send a reply, but your return email address failed. Here is the error report: (I blocked out sensitive information).
This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:
host []
SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data:
554 Message not allowed - [320]
My reply to your query was this:
Are you 100% sure obj_character is in fact an instance (and not an = object)? And if it is 100% an instance, is there not perhaps an object = named with the same name? (In my experience, sometimes GameMaker can get = confused).
If this doesn't resolve your problem, please send me your code so that I have a look.


John H 04 November 2014

Excellent tools with great support

A very extensive library with all the functionality you would hope for when setting up grid based projects. The documentation is excellent at walking you through the steps to get started, and the scripts are noted well.

The support is fantastic. I had an error where I could not properly import it into my project. I was unsure if this was a Game Maker issue or an issue with the tools, but I contacted them just in case. I got a response within 24 hours with an attachment so I could manually import the tools into my project.

Overall I am very pleased with the tools, and the service. I would reccomend this package to anyone who is making grid based games.


Anonymous 20 September 2014

Amazing set of routines

Outstanding library. Requires a little effort to get into it but once you go thru the different functions and routines, you just realize how much this add-on is a must have.

Little suggestion to the authors for a next update: add triple slashes comments (///function(param1, param2, param3 ...) at the beginning of the scripts, it makes auto-completion so much handy while coding..

Beside that, nothing else to add. It's well worth the few bucks spent! Thanks!!

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Duncan B 27 August 2014

Great library for implementing grids

Well documented, with great examples and easy to understand explanations of how the libraries work.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Michael M 27 February 2017

Excellent Library

Excellent library for hex based applications. All scripts are neatly organized and example rooms are provided.

The developer was also very quick to respond to email queries.

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