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A fully animated adventurer for your next 2D platforming game!

The asset includes:

  • Adventurer style character
  • Expandable state-engine
  • Built-in customization
  • Cleanly written and commented code

Character design and animations are by artist Steven Kaule. Check out his website here.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.0.1

Improved example project.

Version 1.0.1. Published March 6, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1749

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 12 January 2018


Tre S 30 November 2017

Awesome! But when are you going to update?

I absolutely love this asset! But its missing some stuff, it would be cool to have crouching, possibly rope swinging, and sword attacks. I really like this asset and would love to see more done with it before I can really use this for anything. Please UPDATE!!!


Charlie B 14 November 2017


Joshua H 03 January 2018


Brandon L 04 November 2017



Matthew K 19 September 2017


Anonymous 12 September 2017


Brandon C 28 August 2017


Anonymous 27 June 2017


JEONG S 08 April 2017




Anonymous 31 March 2017


Tristan H 14 March 2017


Goran P 16 January 2017

Set price on this!

This is very good controller! Very clean code and smart setup for bigger projects.



Jordan Robinson (Publisher) 17 January 2017

Thanks for your review! I did have a low price on this one as with my other assets, but after I earned back the cost of having the art made and the time I put in I figured other people could make good use of it so please enjoy as a free asset :)


Niko B 10 April 2016

Super Work!!!

Very nice of you for sharing such work, thanks :)
Could you please add shooting and knife attack!


Jordan Robinson (Publisher) 10 April 2016

Hi thank you very much. These are on my to do list ;)


Riccardo P 06 March 2016


it does what it says...
I would add shooting or sword control and touch controls for mobile devices


Jordan Robinson (Publisher) 07 March 2016

Thanks! Will look at adding those in future updates.


Anonymous 05 March 2016

Cool character

Lot of bonus controls built into the code for ease of use for beginner to advanced GM user skill levels.

Excellent job on coding and animation. Hope you make more :)

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Jordan Robinson (Publisher) 05 March 2016

Thank you for your feedback!

Package contents

Total size 27.9 KB

Character 2.24 KB Character Controller
Objects Rooms Scripts Sprites 673 Bytes 674 Bytes 856 Bytes 852 Bytes 856 Bytes 852 Bytes 852 Bytes 873 Bytes 681 Bytes 1.05 KB 798 Bytes 852 Bytes 868 Bytes 873 Bytes 673 Bytes 670 Bytes images
spFluid_0.png 105 Bytes spLadder_0.png 103 Bytes spPlayer_Climb_0.png 446 Bytes spPlayer_Climb_1.png 459 Bytes spPlayer_Climb_2.png 478 Bytes spPlayer_Climb_3.png 459 Bytes spPlayer_Fall_0.png 508 Bytes spPlayer_Fall_1.png 505 Bytes spPlayer_Fall_2.png 500 Bytes spPlayer_Fall_3.png 505 Bytes spPlayer_Float_0.png 430 Bytes spPlayer_Float_1.png 449 Bytes spPlayer_Float_2.png 459 Bytes spPlayer_Float_3.png 449 Bytes spPlayer_Hold_0.png 522 Bytes spPlayer_Hold_1.png 531 Bytes spPlayer_Hold_2.png 515 Bytes spPlayer_Hold_3.png 531 Bytes spPlayer_Jump_0.png 518 Bytes spPlayer_Jump_1.png 520 Bytes spPlayer_Jump_2.png 517 Bytes spPlayer_Jump_3.png 520 Bytes spPlayer_LedgeGrab_0.png 569 Bytes spPlayer_LedgeGrab_1.png 574 Bytes spPlayer_LedgeGrab_2.png 561 Bytes spPlayer_LedgeGrab_3.png 570 Bytes spPlayer_Mask_0.png 94 Bytes spPlayer_Run_0.png 486 Bytes spPlayer_Run_1.png 456 Bytes spPlayer_Run_2.png 437 Bytes spPlayer_Run_3.png 479 Bytes spPlayer_Run_4.png 481 Bytes spPlayer_Run_5.png 469 Bytes spPlayer_Run_6.png 432 Bytes spPlayer_Run_7.png 461 Bytes spPlayer_Stand_0.png 524 Bytes spPlayer_Stand_1.png 509 Bytes spPlayer_Stand_2.png 505 Bytes spPlayer_Swim_0.png 407 Bytes spPlayer_Swim_1.png 424 Bytes spPlayer_Swim_2.png 465 Bytes spPlayer_Swim_3.png 444 Bytes spPlayer_Traverse_0.png 552 Bytes spPlayer_Traverse_1.png 586 Bytes spPlayer_Traverse_2.png 565 Bytes spPlayer_Traverse_3.png 537 Bytes spPlayer_WallSlide_0.png 517 Bytes spPlayer_WallSlide_1.png 543 Bytes spPlayer_WallSlide_2.png 561 Bytes spPlayer_WallSlide_3.png 543 Bytes spSolid_0.png 102 Bytes spWall_0.png 82 Bytes

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