With this super easy to use script you can explode any sprite with ease. The script is heavily commented on what everything does as well as the provided demo.


  • Particle Life (Min/Max)

  • Particle Speed (Min/Max)

  • Particle Size (Sprite chunk size)

  • Particle Rotation (Max)

  • Fade Out (Can be turned on or off)

  • Fade out speed (Max)

  • Blend to color (Can be turned on or off)

  • Blend Speed (Max)

  • Implosion (Can be turned on or off)

If you have any suggestions on what kinds of features should be added in the future please let me know

All reviews are greatly appreciated so if you take a look at this asset let me know what you think!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the asset then feel free to contact me at any time and ill reply as soon as possible.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.0.4


  • Fixed a bug that would shift the sprite if you exploded anything not "Square"


  • Added a new parameter to the original explosion script, now you can explode the sprite and have it implode on itself

  • Added in an Asymble Script which does exactly that.. asymbles a sprite

Version 1.0.4. Published March 28, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1474

Age Rating: 4+

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evandro a 11 June 2019

What a great extension!

Thank you for releasing this for free and keep it up the good work


Nathan L 09 June 2019


A most excellent program! Many thanks to the author for creating it, and furthermore, for having it available for free.

As has been noted several times below, there is a bug where textures from other sprites in the texture page that are nearest the sprite being exploded, are 'pulled'--essentially a "game breaker", but there are two easy work-arounds;

1] put all sprites to be exploded on their own unique texture page (works, but perhaps not practical), OR,
2] draw the sprites that are to be exploded to a surface first, and then explode that surface.
(replace the draw_sprite_general function, with the draw_surface_general function)


Vee F 01 May 2019

Excellent Asset

A forthcoming book on Game Maker might be interested in speaking with you! I'll find you contact details and see what I can do.


Jose N 30 March 2019


Great asset to explode sprites and easy to customize! Thanks for make this avaliable for free


Victor L 18 December 2018


Ethan C 23 November 2018

Works Incredibly Well, But...

Like two others have said, it pulls from other sprites in the texture page that are nearest the sprite being dissolved. This produces ugly results, but only happens when there is blank space surrounding the sprite. I don't have a one for all fix but I hope the developer comes back and fixes this.


Niklas J 19 September 2018

Very good

A easy to implement effect library that produces nice looking results.

One tiny problem however: As an earleir review mentioned, sometimes you see weird textures appear in the corner of the sprite when the sprite explode. After a bit of testing I found a workaround. Just move the sprite that needs exploding into a seperate texture group. Not ideal, but worked for my project.


Maciej K 17 June 2018


Anonymous 12 May 2018


Tom J 01 May 2018


Anonymous 10 April 2018



Cat B 11 March 2018


Juha S 27 January 2018


easy to use !!! excellent


Anonymous 07 January 2018


Anonymous 09 December 2017


Really good.


Alastair M 04 November 2017


Nicely commented, easy to understand examples, easy to customise eg I made the disslove particles fall oppsite direction to the dissolve sweep and changed depth of particles easily, can get some very nice effects very quickly - THANKS!


Alec A 02 September 2017


Anonymous 29 June 2017



Anonymous 04 May 2017


this is awesome for my game thanks


Anonymous 17 March 2017


Stijn D 07 December 2016


very good :)


Anonymous 20 November 2016

Thanks for such amazing work! :)


Anonymous 21 May 2018

amazing work. However,

if the canvas is quite larger than needed for the sprite (but this is necessary sometimes), weird textures appear in the empty parts of the sprite canvas, often black, or white, or even colored distorted textures. With one sprite, i just double-checked by clearing the already seemingly empty area. This resulted in the sprite being repeated within its own canvas. Any idea why this is happening?

EDIT: i seem to understand the problem a bit better now after some testing; the random textures were not as random as i thought. they were from other sprites, located next to the actual sprite, on the texture page. So i assume a small part of the next sprite on the texture page is drawn along, not just the needed sprite. Could this be an error in the code that handles the chunk grid or something? Or is it because of resolution, surface sizes, views etc? Please halp, as i really like your work but i cant use it because of this.


Voxel F 04 October 2016


This is an amazing extension, especially with the addition of the latest effects, assemble and radial. I was however wondering, if it would be possible to use surfaces or the built in particle system. Surfaces coud pose a challenge, due to their volatile nature. Generating a lot of particles is far better for the performance of the program, though it may be hard to assign them the correct textures.
Great code either way, thank you very much for sharing!


Jason B 11 September 2016

Easy to use!

Very easy to use and incorporate into code.


omid g 09 September 2016

cool ...

nice code , very easy to use


Anonymous 17 August 2016

Easy and Awesome

Very easy to use and look amazing in games :D


Chris S 15 August 2016

Great Script

Really good script, easy for beginners to implement, and nice effects. Thanks !


Anonymous 08 August 2016

Very easy to use

The effect are visually beautiful, and the introduction in code is very simple and easy, and... i am a User Level 0 of game maker.

Sorry my english.

Now in spanish: El efecto que queda es muy chulo, el uso en el código y la implementación es realmente sencilla, y eso que soy Nivel 0 patatero como usuario de Game Maker.


Jonas L 09 June 2016

Finally i found what i was looking for

You dont know how long i was looking for this. And finally i found this. the effect and particle are perfect. and all in all its really easy to understand. 10/10


Santiago S 08 March 2016

Does exactly what it is suppose to imo

I dl'd this and had exactly an exploding sprite with the absolute least amount of knowledge possible It works great!

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.

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