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Do you want your game to be multiplayer? With the included master server .jar and set of scripts, making a multiplayer game has never been easier!


  • Lightweight and fast server.
  • Error, memory and timeout management are builtin: start the server and never worry about it again!
  • As many servers and clients per server as you want!
  • Builtin functions to setup servers, clients and lobbies.
  • Various verbose levels: log exactly what you want, perfect for debugging.
  • Sending and retrieving data is simple and coherent.
  • Unlike UDP hole-punching, this will work locally, on mobile tether network and no matter how your provider handles NAT!
  • A fully functional demo: Just launch two or more instances of the demo, connect to the master server and voilà!


  • The messages are passed using TCP in order to make sure that no packets are lost or misplaced.
  • A server with java is required to run the master server. Setting up such a server is very simple, DigitalOcean offers such a service for 5 dollars per month (the first 2 month are free) : https://www.digitalocean.com/?refcode=3c310a3248b1 . Contact me if you want to use my server for testing.
  • Basic knowledge of Unix systems and commands such as scp and apt-get is required!


  • How do I setup the master server? Once you have a server, simply run the included .jar with the command : java -jar pathToJar.jar . You can add two arguments, the first defines how verbose the server is, the second defines the timeout for connected sockets. As long as the .jar is running, clients will be able to connect to the master server.
  • The previous command does not work! Make sure the .jar is copied to the server and java is correctly installed and updated.
  • What IP address do I need to enter when launching the demo? You need to enter the IP address of the server running the .jar. On a Unix system, it corresponds to the inet address given by ifconfig.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.1.0. Published January 14, 2016

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1657

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 28 September 2017


If you need documentation for setting up the java server:

How do I send more variables to the server list, that can be recieved by objLobby in the networking event.
For example I want to get the number of players connected to a server and store it in a variable in the objLobby networking event. (I use the variable global.num_players in objServer for this, how do I send it from objServer so I can recieve and store it in a variable in objLobby)

playerCount will only count the number of players that have joined the server, but not subtract when a player leaves it.

Got a message from the publisher: Unfortunately he lost the source code and was not able to help.


Ali A 10 January 2018

I can not get start and not replay in support

I can not run java file please provide me doc file
the game is run on local ip i have many ubuntu servers but i can not what i do


JEAMEYOUNG K 24 January 2016


Can i change the master server port?
edit: how can i use jar argument?
ps:CPU Usage is increase when - shutdown and restart game
I guess that the connection is not clean


Tabc3dd (Publisher) 28 January 2016

Not as of yet, but I can upload a new version with the option to if you want. I'll modify it now.
Edit: New version uploaded that allows you to change the port (third argument when launching the master server). Don't forget to replace all the 6510 in the given code (there are 3, you can use ctrl-f to find them)
Edit2: A jar argument is just a number added after the java -jar call.
Edit3: The CPU usage will drop after 5 minutes, the cleanup timeout for client threads is 5 minutes, but you can change it with arguments.


Josh B 07 January 2016

Lack of documentation

Cant seem to get it to work correctly, there doesn't seem to be any documentation at all about the java server, how to set a compatible one up or how to create one in the first place and i cant seem to find much documentation on the code itself. A setup guide would be great.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Tabc3dd (Publisher) 28 December 2015

Just get yourself any server, run the .jar using java and input the IP address of the server when launching the demo, it really can't get much simpler, everything was designed to be usable without any hassle. If you want to use my server for testing, you can contact me. I'll add more documentation though if you feel it is necessary.

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