Welcome to the Dodozen's - PostFx Shader Pack #2 Inside this package you'll find all the necessary assets to use this professional pack of hi-quality image post processing effects (aka PostFx) in your Gamemaker projects.

The PostFx Shader Pack #2 includes the following pro-looking effects:

  • Thermal vision
  • Dual tone
  • Blur
  • Outliner
  • Bloom

All of them are fully flexible and easily animatable.

Add to your projects that final professional look with this awesome PostFx shader pack.

All the shaders have been tested successfully on the following platforms:

  • PC
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows phone 8

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Changes in 1.0.2

Added custom draw_SHADER_... functions to do the integration of the shaders easier.

Version 1.0.2. Published November 1, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.269

Age Rating: 4+

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Simone D 08 March 2019


Anonymous 01 December 2018

Partially works with GMS2

When trying to use this in Gamemaker Studio 2, only two of the shaders seem to work. Brining this into a new project and using the included assets displays these errors:
Copying error ERROR: 0:49: 'highp' : Reserved word.
ERROR: 0:49: 'highp' : syntax error: syntax error

It will cycle through the FX, but only 2 display properly, the others do nothing to the images. Any ideas on getting this to work with GM2?


Mr. W 11 June 2018

Blur is pretty unsatisfiying

While having small white circle sprites on a dark background, the circle will not get blurred, but will have multiple other circles around it. Thats not a blur, thats something else, but not a blur. Else pretty good stuff.


Job T 04 December 2017

The only shader that instant worked for me!

Finaly for the first time I achieved to have a shader work in my game as thanks to this extension.
The only problem I had is that it didnot shader the full screen size but only a part of it.
surface_resize(application_surface, display_get_gui_width(), display_get_gui_height());
to the create event of obj_controller solved that for me!


Sebastian N 08 October 2017


Andrew H 24 March 2015

Useful Shaders, Fast / Great Support

All of the shaders are easy to use and very useful to my needs. A duotone or a bloom shader by itself can change the whole aesthetic of a game. Also, the reason I am giving it a five star as any problem you may have can be easily fixed if you message the developer.


BlackOpz F 03 November 2014

UPDATE REVIEW: Shader Are Great - Improved Setup

[5 STAR UPDATE] WOW!! These Shaders went from Difficult to SUPER EASY TO USE!! The added scripts allows you to use them in ONE step (even though a perfectly rational 2 event setup is ideal and is the way I'll be using them). This is a fine example of a dev listening to feedback instead of thinking users "Dont Get It". As stated before these Shader Effects are FANTASTIC and now that they've become almost drag & drop there's no reason not to give them the 5 stars they deserve.

[PREV 2 STAR] - If you're new to shaders this pack might frustrate you for a minute. most of the other shader packs you can simply set the shader - draw - then reset. These shaders need inputs BUT to create a slick demo the developer loads the settings into ds_lists and uses them from there. HE DOES *NOT* show you how to apply a single shader by itself!! So you have to go through the code and try to understand which setting apply to which shader and what those values are.

B+ Shader Quality | D- Documentation


Dodozen (Publisher) 01 November 2014

Hi Black O,
This issue has been fixed now.

The current version has some new easy-to-use "draw_SHADER_..." functions that you can place on any object draw (or draw GUI) event in order to display the shader.
This has been recently applied not only to this but ALL the dodozen postFX packs.

We hope you like this new implementation :)
Thank you for your feedback.

- Dodozen team

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