Supports GM:S1.4 and GM:S2

NOTE - video is outdated, please download the demo to see all engine features

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This is a complete match 3 engine.

With this engine, you can create games like Bejeweled, Treasures of Montezuma, Candy Crush Saga... All you have to do is replace placeholder images.


  • hints of the next possible move (hint delay can be set)
  • no more moves checking
  • chained gems (can't be moved, chain is removed after match, or bonus hit)
  • double chained gems (can't be moved, one chain is removed after match, or bonus hit)
  • iced gems (can't be moved, ice is removed after match, or bonus hit)
  • stoned gems (can't be moved, can't be matched, only bonus hit will destroy it)
  • 3 game modes (time, move or back tiles based gameplay)
  • level goal represented by a bar
  • vertical or horizontal bonus (appears after matching 4 gems)
  • cross or bomb bonus (appears after matching 5 gems)
  • bonuses can be activated on tap, on match, or both
  • you can control when special gems will appear
  • change board size and position
  • you can change number of colors on board
  • you can set level timer, level number, and goal
  • you can set the size of bonus bomb explosion radius
  • simple visual effects for each bonus activation have been included
  • game pauses on demand and by system interruption (pause dialog window included)
  • Game over and Win dialog windows
  • Best score recording

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End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.7.6. Published January 28, 2017

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1763

Age Rating: 4+

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Panayiotis Y 14 November 2018


Anonymous 07 June 2017

Great engine and developer!

The engine is really nice, works fast and is easy to adjust through provided variables. Code itself is well commented and formatted, so it's easy to read.
When I had a few questions, even though it was mostly about modifying it, the developer answered all of them and have really helped me implement a few additional features! Communication was fast and easy, I've really enjoyed it.


SmallBigSquare (Publisher) 08 June 2017

I have enjoyed our communication as well. Thanks for the review!


Dustin H 22 May 2017


I want that guys play first level, if they win than go to level 2 and if they lose than restart level 1.
how I can do this in your engine?


SmallBigSquare (Publisher) 23 May 2017

You need to comment out line
level = 1;
in the restart_game_callback script


Anonymous 22 April 2017

Lots of help from Dev

The engine Was a bit rusty at first regarding some bugs, but the dev was really kind and helpful to fix these bugs that may have deterred other buyers.
this is the only engine in the market place/tutorial to have these certain fixes that no other engine has.
Highly recommend getting this engine and contacting the Dev for any issues that may arise.
Contacting the Dev is really easy and extremely helpful emails within a day, minutes even.


SmallBigSquare (Publisher) 22 April 2017

Thanks for your kind review. I am glad I could help.


Ralf K 13 August 2016

Great engine

It´s a really great engine that help me a lot learning GML. But maybe one suggestion: Is it possible to prevent the playfield creating and counting matches at the start of a level? Maybe hiding the playfield as long as there will be matches from the beginning? In my mind it makes not really sence finalising a level without doing anything :-D
Otherwise: Really great work! (Sorry for my poor english -.- )

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


SmallBigSquare (Publisher) 26 September 2016

You just need to increase the number of jewels/matches required to win the first level. Thanks for the review.


Ben H 12 December 2015

Nice template

I like this take on match 3. I usually don't do timed challenges, but really enjoyed playing through it. I also enjoyed a very quick and efficient response from the developer to a couple of issues I was having with the template. This is a great starting point to my own project, can't wait to get started!

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Ever m 11 December 2015

Very good

* Moving gems when fell Fixed.

Thank 12/11/2015

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


SmallBigSquare (Publisher) 11 December 2015

Thank you for your review, help with bug fixing and tips for next updates.

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