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Save $60.00` (plus an additional $40.00 during the Holiday Sale) by purchasing this bundle containing 34 high-quality assets ranging from game engines to chatrooms to online scoreboards to SMS code verification and more!

Whether you're new to Game Maker: Studio or want to test its limits, The Banack Bundle is sure to pique your interests! Expect fully-commented, easy-to-understand code across dozens of unique, fun, and useful projects!

The following assets, found on my Marketplace developer profile, are included in this bundle:

  • Image-to-Level

  • RPG Team Grid-Based Movement

  • Easy English Dictionary

  • Custom Online Ad Network

  • Online More Games Section

  • Online Level Editor

  • Chatroom

  • Emailing

  • SMS Code Verification

  • Solar System Model Orbiting

  • Object Lassoing and Circling

  • Memory Game

  • Check for Updates

  • Activation Keys

  • Pixel-Perfect Scrolling

  • Online Polling

  • Jelly Buttons

  • Easy Graphing

  • Single Object Sprite Formation

  • Death Replay and Platformer

  • Misc. Female Vocal Samples

  • Hyper Typer Shooter Engine

  • Cursor Recorder

  • Easy Array Search

  • Online Survey Back-end

  • Math String Solve Parser

  • Get Server Time

  • Group Selection and Dragging

  • Email Code Verification

  • Advanced User Registration

  • Custom Online Scoreboard

  • IAPs Made Easy

  • Word Search Generator Engine

  • Ruzzle-Like Game Engine

`When assets are normally priced.

Note, each asset is meant to stand on its own, meaning that merging them into a single project can cause naming conflict errors -- modify when necessary.

Note, webhosting and access to a database is necessary for some assets to function correctly.

This guide does NOT cover cross-referencing domains

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.0. Published March 17, 2017

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.460

Age Rating: 4+

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Oscar R 22 June 2016

Great Bundle

The Bundle is great, however, I've tried contacting the publisher several times and he has never answered back. The product is great but needs some support, the publisher isn't providing that.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.

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