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4 animated, 2D, jumper game characters! Jump Up/Down animations and multiple death animations!

On sale for a limited time!

The Minotaur *Jump Up *Jump Down *Death Normal *Death Electricity *Death Fire *Death Explosion

Rabbit Girl *Jump Up *Jump Down *Death Normal *Death Electricity *Death Fire *Death Explosion

Jax New (with a hat) *Jump Up *Jump Down *Death Normal *Death Electricity *Death Fire *Death Explosion

Jax (classic) *Jump Up *Jump Down *Death Normal *Death Electricity *Death Fire *Death Explosion

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Version 1.0.0. Published July 12, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.170

Age Rating: 4+

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Endless Jumper Game Characters.extension.gmx 1.81 KB Endless Jumper Game Characters
spr_playerJax2DEAD.sprite.gmx 938 Bytes spr_playerJax2DOWN.sprite.gmx 752 Bytes spr_playerJax2UP.sprite.gmx 750 Bytes spr_playerJaxDEAD.sprite.gmx 933 Bytes spr_playerJaxDOWN.sprite.gmx 752 Bytes spr_playerJaxUP.sprite.gmx 748 Bytes spr_playerMinoDEAD.sprite.gmx 938 Bytes spr_playerMinoDOWN.sprite.gmx 752 Bytes spr_playerMinoUP.sprite.gmx 750 Bytes spr_playerRoxDEAD.sprite.gmx 934 Bytes spr_playerRoxDOWN.sprite.gmx 750 Bytes spr_playerRoxUP.sprite.gmx 748 Bytes images

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