Card Factory is a collection of several GameMaker Language based scripts that provide everything you need to get started making virtual card games from blackjack to poker.

Two example objects [ Blackjack and Old Maid] are provided to show the basics of setting up a game using this system. Note that these are not complete examples and do not detect the win condition.

Includes support for

  • Multiple Decks
  • A Discard Pile
  • Several Hands
  • Poker Hands including finding pairs or any multiples
  • Blackjack Busting / Finding Hands with Blackjack
  • Naming Suits
  • Ace High,Low or Both
  • Treat Face-cards value as 10
  • Move cards from one hand to another

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.1. Published April 5, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1556

Age Rating: 4+

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A R 27 January 2015

no instructions at all

no images or directions or anything just some sparsely commented code, that might work?

Wish there were some instructions =/

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Crystal Fortress (Publisher) 28 January 2015

Hi , A R there should be a pdf file in the included files explaining how to use the code. If this isn't appearing could you email me at and I'll send you a copy of this file.


Arnold B 22 October 2014

Haven't been able to use

The zip file is corrupted ad I can't get it to decompress and try it out.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Crystal Fortress (Publisher) 02 October 2014

I'm afraid this a GameMaker issue as the uploaded file is not corrupt. I've sent you some suggestions to be able to get it working by email. If none of these suggestions work please contact the YoYo Games Helpdesk for support.

Package contents

Total size 474 KB

Card 4.8 KB Card Factory
datafiles Objects Rooms Scripts
CF_blackjack_hand_bust.gml 437 Bytes CF_card_get_colour.gml 157 Bytes CF_card_get_index.gml 156 Bytes CF_card_get_name.gml 175 Bytes CF_card_get_suit.gml 156 Bytes CF_card_numerical_value.gml 178 Bytes CF_card_numerical_value2.gml 177 Bytes CF_clear_memory.gml 213 Bytes CF_compare_cards.gml 640 Bytes CF_deal_card.gml 632 Bytes CF_deck_add_discard_pile.gml 377 Bytes CF_deck_create.gml 967 Bytes CF_deck_discard_card.gml 648 Bytes CF_deck_remove_card.gml 300 Bytes CF_deck_remove_card_all.gml 301 Bytes CF_deck_remove_value_all.gml 394 Bytes CF_deck_shuffle.gml 69 Bytes CF_deck_size.gml 100 Bytes CF_hands_create.gml 475 Bytes CF_hand_add.gml 232 Bytes CF_hand_card_at_index.gml 97 Bytes CF_hand_discard.gml 202 Bytes CF_hand_discard_card.gml 373 Bytes CF_hand_discard_card_value.gml 539 Bytes CF_hand_has_blackjack.gml 852 Bytes CF_hand_has_flush.gml 614 Bytes CF_hand_has_multiple.gml 228 Bytes CF_hand_has_pair.gml 226 Bytes CF_hand_has_quad.gml 224 Bytes CF_hand_has_royal_flush.gml 438 Bytes CF_hand_has_straight.gml 798 Bytes CF_hand_has_straight_flush.gml 109 Bytes CF_hand_has_triple.gml 226 Bytes CF_hand_has_value.gml 461 Bytes CF_hand_has_value_number.gml 392 Bytes CF_hand_highest_multiple.gml 658 Bytes CF_hand_highest_pair.gml 665 Bytes CF_hand_highest_quad.gml 629 Bytes CF_hand_highest_triple.gml 640 Bytes CF_hand_highest_value.gml 1.04 KB CF_hand_highest_value_position.gml 1.07 KB CF_hand_lowest_multiple.gml 655 Bytes CF_hand_lowest_pair.gml 626 Bytes CF_hand_lowest_quad.gml 644 Bytes CF_hand_lowest_triple.gml 647 Bytes CF_hand_lowest_value.gml 1.03 KB CF_hand_lowest_value_position.gml 1.06 KB CF_hand_move_card.gml 325 Bytes CF_hand_move_values.gml 459 Bytes CF_hand_number.gml 100 Bytes CF_hand_size.gml 69 Bytes CF_hand_spilt.gml 260 Bytes CF_hand_value.gml 634 Bytes CF_suits_define.gml 344 Bytes CF_suits_define_colour.gml 364 Bytes

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