The Random Map Generator uses the DiamondSquare Algorithm to generate a random map, by taking into account a variety of customizable parameters.


  • Generate random maps with one single line of code!
  • Variable mapsize
  • Variable amount of detail
  • Define the amount of water, beach, mountains and more
  • Option to make the map seamlessly repeatable
  • Easy to add your own terrain
  • Includes a minimap feature, showing your current position in the map
  • Works on all platforms


scr_generate_map(mapsize, details, waterlevel, grasslevel, mountainlevel, beachsize, seamless);

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Version 1.0.0. Published July 11, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.170

Age Rating: 4+

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Hays M 18 November 2015

Very easy to use

This is a great asset and it's super easy to use and change with the way everything is explained within the scripts, like a small instruction book. Luxbyte has been by my side along the way with any questions i've had as well which is a major plus.


Rene C 17 November 2014

good implementation

personally i would have bought this for $7 just because i wanted to know how to do the mid-point displacement. 10 probably would have turned me away. i've touched on it before, but this is really organized and broken down into it's appropriate scripts. commented real well. i just looked through it real quick and i think i'll be able to make some nice heightmaps now.

in your future projects i think you should put three slashes at the top of each script so they can be viewed in other places. "///scr_sample(x,y)" would show up in the quick help when typing.


Stefan R 26 October 2014

It Just Works!

Simple and easy to use!
You load in the files and it just works, a BIG plus in my book!


Alex A 04 September 2014

Excellent Example But Could Do with Refinement


Anonymous 11 August 2014

Nice but needs some improvements

Each step in the obj_map object the scr_display_map() routine gets called. In it, all tiles are destroyed and the whole map is traversed to repopulate the view with tiles only inside it. This uses most of the step event to do and the memory savings aren't worth it (a 256x256 9MB map becomes a 12MB) map. A middle ground would involve refreshing when the view has scrolled enough to introduce new tiles, and only drawing/deleting whats needed/not.

In the author(s) defense there's no claim the project is optimized, but an oversight like this makes me wonder what else might need improving.

Also there is some hard coding of values like the map layer which defaults to 1000000 things like these should be user definable.

0. It works out of the box.
1. It a good starting point.

0. It needs some tuning for efficiency.
1. Hard coded values must be changed in implementation.
2 Doesn't take advantage of all of GMS's features.

Recommendation : Buy while on sale.


Luxbyte (Publisher) 11 August 2014

Hey Andrew,

Thank you very much for your review!
When creating this asset, we focused on the generating part. The displaying was just added to show the result. It is only one of
many possible ways to use the generated map. But you're definitely right and we'll have to rework this part and also reduce the hard coded parts
as much as possible.

Again, thank you very much for taking the time to review our asset!

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