Amazi Tiles

Create diverse and unique levels in your game with hundreds of tilesets and overlays, thousands of sprites and objects, and more!

  • 5 base + 67 solid color tilesets, sprites, & objects
  • 72 expanded tilesets, over 200 tiles each, 64 x 64 pixels per tile
  • With overlays and borders, over 400 tilesets in all

Animation parents provide seesaw motion in several speeds with adjustable rotation, continuous motion, pausing at the end of the arc, etc., for the thousands of matching barrier/platform sprites & overlays that come in 4 heights & lengths.

  • Works for both top-down & side-scrolling games
  • Thousands of sprites & objects
  • Infinite color variants via custom HSL shader

The possibilities rise exponentially when you buy more than one of our packs.

  • Standard 47-tile "blob" tilesets included
  • Curved & diagonal tiles
  • Slopes in 3 different angles

Use our Auto-Overlay system to overlay a tileset with borders, cracks, vines, fences and metal grates, etc. You can even make your level look like it's broken up and falling apart!

  • 10 styles of metal overlays/fences in 8 colors each
  • Colored vines and thorns in 12 colors plus grayscale
  • Flowered vine tilesets/overlays in 8 colors
  • Matching "Broken up" tilesets/overlays for each texture
  • Cracks overlays for every tileset and object
  • Matching borders for each texture, in 3 different styles
  • Additional borders in 67 colors, in 3 different styles

Use the Overlay Browser room provided in this package - try the overlay options quickly and easily. Find the perfect look for your game!

Try the FREE version of our Overlay Browser before you buy: Download

  1. Build your level once.
  2. Add one or more of our Auto-Overlay objects.
  3. Supply 3 parameters.
  4. Watch your game spring to life!

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.0.0

Other features:

  • Low instance count - each overlay counts as a single instance
  • Fast shader execution - no IF statements in our shader
  • Tilesets padded to prevent seams when zoomed/scaled
  • Useful for rapid prototyping

By now, you'll see that Amazi Tiles give you ultimate creative power.

Note: This pack contains thousands of items and may take time to load (10 minutes or more, based on your system). The Overlay Browser may take time to compile due to the way GameMaker compiles projects. For best results, load only the resources you intend to use.

Version 1.0.0. Published November 9, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.420

Age Rating: 4+

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Brian C 27 November 2016

Doesn't work :(

I have downloaded a couple Tilesets, but unfortunately, when I try to "Add to Project" in my game that i'm beginning to make, Gamemaker Studio crashes. Any ideas why that would be? Can I do anything to fix this?

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