This extention provides an easy way to add a logging console to your project. It supports multiple logging types which allows you to quickly see important messages, which allows for easy debugging during and after development.


  • Easy Setup and Removal
  • Clean Look and Feel
  • Different Message Types
  • Toggleable using F12
  • Configurable (Time / Number of Lines / Text)
  • Small Footprint

Setup / Installation

To install this extentions simply import it into your game and add the objScLogConsole object to the room you want it to be available in. Then just use the logging function in your code to output to the console.


Just remove the object from the room and the console will not be shown anymore. You can leave the logging function in as it automatically detects if there is a console present in the room.

Code Example

ScWriteToLog(0,"Log a debug message");
ScWriteToLog(1,"Log an info message");
ScWriteToLog(2,"Log a warning message");
ScWriteToLog(3,"Log an error message");

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 0.1.2

Added correct publishing certificate

Version 0.1.2. Published October 8, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1657

Age Rating: 4+

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Joni K 03 April 2019


Anonymous 10 March 2018

So good

It's what i searched, ty dear friend!


Anonymous 24 November 2017


Samir L 08 July 2017

Will use for every projects

Hello, since a few day I've used your extension and I love it.

I made a few changes like if I use only 1 argument ( the message ) then it will use the default message type (DEBUG), more lines at once etc...

An history to see X previous messages with a configurable variable with mouse scroll or keyboard key would be awesome !

Thanks for the extension anyway, you made a great job!


Anonymous 08 January 2017

Very useful

Congrats, i really wanted to make a game log like this.


Anonymous 07 October 2016

Wonderful tool, and very easy to setup!

Does what I need it too, and without any hassle. The colors don't seem to work, even after messing with the code a bit. And I would love to see a scrolling feature in the future, but as it stands, very well done.


your m 10 March 2016


Very useful- just what I was looking for. Thanks!


Ricardo R 29 October 2015

Nice, but...

Very simple and handy, but without scrollbars it is impossible to make this asset really useful. I want to see all messages and not only the last ones. Perhaps I am missing something. A 'setLogLevelFilter' function would be also an incredible addition to dynamically filter the messages in a big game. Hope it can be improved, then this asset will be really a must have in any game mainly because it is platform independent. Many thanks anyway.


StaticCube (Publisher) 30 October 2015

Hello Ricardo,

Thank you for your review and feedback. I will try to include your feature requests in the new release :). Making the setLogLevelFilter function shouldn't be very hard and was already working on the scroll bar part.

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