AppsFlyer Extension Android

Mattia Fortunati

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This extension will handle the mandatory implementation of AppsFlyer, needed for OneLink feature and Tracking




at the very beginning of your game

Please read the following notes:

  1. it requires Google Game Service enabled with a correct App ID

  2. you need to enable these permission for your game: INTERNET,ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE and READ_PHONE_STATE

  3. For the OneLink feature, you need to implement a deep link feature. I've made an extension for this, too.

  4. Consider that the Non-organic (or organic) tracked installation is UNIQUE. So if you test on your device more than once, you'll have to clear your device IDs from the AppsFlyer dashboard. Check their guides and support for this.

Author: Mattia Fortunati Contact: mattia@mattiafortunati.com Website: http://www.mattiafortunati.com

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Android Export

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published October 7, 2015

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