change deeplink URI: go to Extensions>DeepLinkEx>Android and into the Inject into Android Manifest part, change android:scheme="myapp" and android:host="com.myapp.something" with your scheme and host.


now, if your app is installed, if the user goes to the link you set during SETUP which will be something like this myapp://com.myapp.something your app will open and you will receive a social async event. Note: the callback is called after 5 seconds to be sure that the game is opened and there's an object ready to receive the callback.


Basic usage is all about receiving a deep link callback in a SOCIAL ASYNC EVENT. You will receive "DEEPLINK" marked as "type" and the URI as string within "uri" (in this case "myapp://com.myapp.something")

Within Game Maker, into a social async event put this code:

var type = string(async_load[? "type"])
var uri = string(async_load[? "uri"])
//check for async event type
if type == "DEEPLINK"
    //do something


The deeplink and the callback will work both if the game is running in background or it is not running at all.


1) Whenever you want, you can use


to "force" the social async call. You may want to do this if the 5 seconds delay is too much for your app's design. You can for example call deepLinkReady() each step, without problems, because if the social async event has already been called, by default or by deepLinkReady() itself, it won't be called again.

2) At any time, you can call


to get the uri data as string (in this case "myapp://com.myapp.something"). If the uri is not defined you will get the string "no uri"

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Nice extension

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Great App and great developer

I commented in his website and added a featured that I asked for in less than a day
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Thanks a lot mattia,
you're the best!

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Liquid G 16 September 2016

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