Ever wanted to know how to create an advanced TDS game? Here's your chance.

This engine has:

  • Easy to add new weapons with just an array, from semi automatic pistols to fully automatic machine guns. Shotguns, Snipers, Grenades, Paintball guns, Paintball Grenades... Anything!
  • Aiming down the sights system, which increases your shooting accuracy!
  • Reloading the guns
  • Shooting smoke/sparkles effects
  • Bullet collisions with effects
  • Paintball weapons and grenades that paint the walls!

Stats you can edit on the weapons:

  • Name
  • Sprite
  • Magazine ammo
  • Total ammo
  • Damage
  • Fire Rate
  • Accuracy
  • Knockback
  • Bullets that it shoots
  • Reload time
  • Sound

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.0. Published October 6, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1657

Age Rating: 4+

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Nathan L 30 August 2016

Needs polish

For money, one would expect a little 'polish', and some better presentation. The code is not fully commented.

However, it does the job.


Morseton (Publisher) 02 September 2016

It's not an expensive asset for the content. It's polished enought for one to understand it, this is not a begginer package. If you are a begginer you can use this just as a guide and edit stuff, not much more. Thanks for buying


Larry P 19 July 2016

Sound issue

I wish the scripts were commented better. That seems to be a problem with most assets I have purchased, even the ones for Unity3d. Anyway, the sound fix shown below does NOT work and there is not a single sound file in the download. I added my own sound to the left-click.


Lennie S 06 June 2016

Love it

I have been working with this for about 10 hours today! and i really enjoy it!
Im a beginner at Game maker but i can still manage to work with it.

i have one problem , im trying to play sound when i shoot. but i cant get it to work. Could i get som help maybe ? =)

gun[i,16] = noone; //shoot sound

I have tried: gun[i,16] = snd_gunshot; //shoot sound

But can get it to work. Thanks!


Morseton (Publisher) 10 June 2016

Hello, thanks for the review!

The engine is using the old GM sound system and for some reason it's not working.
I can't seem to be able to update the engine, because I get errors when I'm making the package for GM marketplace =\

But i'll tell you how to fix:

1) go to obj_player
2) open Global Left Button and Global Left Pressed events
3) look for the line that says "sound_play(gun[wep,16])" and change that line to this:


Thanks for purchasing, and good luck with your games! :D

Package contents

Total size 311 KB

Advanced TDS 2.78 KB Advanced TDS Engine
Backgrounds Objects Rooms Scripts Sprites 1004 Bytes 1 KB 680 Bytes 740 Bytes 1.15 KB 996 Bytes 982 Bytes 673 Bytes 1.02 KB 1.2 KB 684 Bytes 684 Bytes 985 Bytes 985 Bytes 1.2 KB 991 Bytes 1003 Bytes 959 Bytes 677 Bytes images
spr_AKS74U_0.png 204 Bytes spr_AKS74U_1.png 188 Bytes spr_AKS74U_2.png 187 Bytes spr_AKS74U_3.png 188 Bytes spr_AKS74U_4.png 188 Bytes spr_AKS74U_5.png 188 Bytes spr_AKS74U_6.png 412 Bytes spr_berretam9_0.png 198 Bytes spr_berretam9_1.png 198 Bytes spr_berretam9_2.png 197 Bytes spr_berretam9_3.png 198 Bytes spr_berretam9_4.png 197 Bytes spr_berretam9_5.png 198 Bytes spr_berretam9_6.png 366 Bytes spr_bigwalls_0.png 467 Bytes spr_boxOverlay_0.png 170 Bytes spr_boxOverlay_1.png 171 Bytes spr_grenade_0.png 465 Bytes spr_grenade_1.png 451 Bytes spr_grenade_2.png 441 Bytes spr_grenade_3.png 443 Bytes spr_grenade_4.png 332 Bytes spr_grenade_5.png 341 Bytes spr_grenade_6.png 328 Bytes spr_grenade_7.png 330 Bytes spr_grenade_8.png 350 Bytes spr_grenade_9.png 345 Bytes spr_HK416_0.png 179 Bytes spr_HK416_1.png 151 Bytes spr_HK416_2.png 152 Bytes spr_HK416_3.png 152 Bytes spr_HK416_4.png 152 Bytes spr_HK416_5.png 152 Bytes spr_HK416_6.png 372 Bytes spr_M82_0.png 209 Bytes spr_M82_1.png 209 Bytes spr_M82_2.png 207 Bytes spr_M82_3.png 207 Bytes spr_M82_4.png 209 Bytes spr_M82_5.png 207 Bytes spr_M82_6.png 223 Bytes spr_paintballGun_0.png 231 Bytes spr_paintballGun_1.png 233 Bytes spr_paintballGun_2.png 233 Bytes spr_paintballGun_3.png 233 Bytes spr_paintballGun_4.png 233 Bytes spr_paintballGun_5.png 233 Bytes spr_paintballGun_6.png 223 Bytes spr_paintgrenade_0.png 247 Bytes spr_paintgrenade_1.png 253 Bytes spr_paintgrenade_2.png 254 Bytes spr_paintgrenade_3.png 254 Bytes spr_paintgrenade_4.png 89 Bytes spr_paintgrenade_5.png 89 Bytes spr_paintgrenade_6.png 89 Bytes spr_paintgrenade_7.png 89 Bytes spr_paintgrenade_8.png 89 Bytes spr_paintgrenade_9.png 89 Bytes spr_paint_0.png 93 Bytes spr_paint_grenade_spr_0.png 200 Bytes spr_particle_0.png 18.4 KB spr_player_1hand_0.png 233 Bytes spr_player_1hand_1.png 241 Bytes spr_player_1hand_2.png 243 Bytes spr_player_1hand_3.png 249 Bytes spr_player_1hand_4.png 249 Bytes spr_player_1hand_5.png 250 Bytes spr_player_2hand_0.png 264 Bytes spr_player_2hand_1.png 270 Bytes spr_player_2hand_2.png 285 Bytes spr_player_2hand_3.png 287 Bytes spr_player_2hand_4.png 282 Bytes spr_player_2hand_5.png 302 Bytes spr_player_punch_0.png 252 Bytes spr_player_punch_1.png 238 Bytes spr_player_punch_2.png 232 Bytes spr_player_punch_3.png 233 Bytes spr_player_punch_4.png 244 Bytes spr_player_punch_5.png 250 Bytes spr_player_punch_6.png 240 Bytes spr_player_punch_7.png 241 Bytes spr_player_punch_8.png 253 Bytes spr_player_punch_9.png 259 Bytes spr_player_reload_0.png 261 Bytes spr_player_reload_1.png 265 Bytes spr_player_reload_2.png 285 Bytes spr_player_reload_3.png 287 Bytes spr_player_reload_4.png 280 Bytes spr_player_reload_5.png 305 Bytes spr_SPAS12_0.png 250 Bytes spr_SPAS12_1.png 225 Bytes spr_SPAS12_2.png 225 Bytes spr_SPAS12_3.png 225 Bytes spr_SPAS12_4.png 227 Bytes spr_SPAS12_5.png 232 Bytes spr_SPAS12_6.png 543 Bytes spr_splatter_0.png 157 Bytes spr_splatter_1.png 157 Bytes spr_splatter_2.png 168 Bytes spr_splatter_3.png 167 Bytes spr_splatter_4.png 170 Bytes spr_splatter_5.png 155 Bytes spr_wall_0.png 2.69 KB

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