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INPUTDOG IS NOW FREE AND OPEN SOURCE https://github.com/messhof/Input-Dog


  • Replaces keyboard_check(), gamepad_check_button(), and joystick_check_button() with a single script inputdog_down()
  • Automatically checks for joystick connections and disconnections. Players can add and remove joysticks at will without disrupting the flow of your game
  • Includes an example input remapping room for players to define custom controls their keyboards/joysticks and switch between xinput and directinput (per player) for maximum compatibility (NOTE: Game Maker can only track up to 2 joysticks in direct input mode)
  • Define your inputs with names instead of referring to the button index/default key. (ex: inputdog_add_input("left", vk_left, inputdog_left_stick_left), then to check it use inputdog_down("left") )
  • Inlcudes checks for whether an input is down, pressed, or released
  • Supports gamepad rumble
  • Record and play back inputs with the easy to use inputdog_replay functions

The asset package includes examples for all of these features.

In the example project I've set up the controls for player 1 in the InputForPlayer1 object:

inputdog_add_input("left",   vk_left,    inputdog_gp_left_stick_left);
inputdog_add_input("right",  vk_right,   inputdog_gp_left_stick_right);
inputdog_add_input("bark",   ord("N"),   gp_face3);
inputdog_add_input("growl",  ord("M"),   gp_face1);

Here's the Step Event for player 1's character:

if inputdog_down("left", playerSlot) x-= 3;
if inputdog_down("right", playerSlot) x+= 3;

if inputdog_pressed("bark",playerSlot)
    sprite_index = sDogBark;

if inputdog_pressed("growl", playerSlot) 
    inputdog_set_rumble(0.5, playerSlot);


If there's something you wish this had, send me an email and I'll see what I can do!


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Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.2.0. Published October 23, 2015

-fixed issues with newer versions of gm

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