The Top-Down Depth Engine is a basic top-down game engine with a unique purpose: To implement DEPTH and HEIGHT.

By adding a height and jumping mechanic to an overhead view, an entirely new gameplay is added. Add jumping puzzles, secret entrances/exits, and hide secrets in places you weren't able to before! Have enemies shoot over or under you! Hide behind blocks! The possibilities are endless. PLAY NOW! Arrow keys or WASD to move, spacebar to jump.

Included in this package are all of the scripts and objects you'll need to make your own Top-Down games, as well as the art found in the demo above and the screens shown here. All code is well commented, clean, and easy to follow.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.0. Published October 3, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1657

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 13 March 2019


Kim H 19 August 2018


Matt C 18 May 2018

Great engine, I appreciate how well it works!

This is a great engine for you to check out if you are making a top down game.

My only question is, can I use tilesets with this engine? I am having trouble making them sort properly.


Anonymous 03 April 2018


Absolutely NO SUPPORT.

If you want a good start, you have it.

If you need to talk to devs, ask something, report something, forget, they don't answer.


AJ N 15 June 2018

GMS 2?

Any way you can update this for Gamemaker Studio 2 or at least send the code so I can update it? Bought it and did not realize it was for 1.4 :/


Kyle H 12 February 2018

Amazing but have a problem!

This engine has made by game look so much more professional but my game is a rogue-like so one of the weapons keeps going behind the player is there anyway to make a object not apply to the depth engine ive tried only putting height and only depth but it won't work.


David f 01 January 2018


Devon H 27 December 2017


Anonymous 06 April 2018

this is Awesome!

Makes the gameplay of my game way more enjoyable!

Is there any way you could add ramps to this asset? I'm not quite sure how to and I need them for going north, south, east, and west. That would be awesome!

edit: terrible support, doesn't reply to emails


Anonymous 22 March 2017


This engine is great! EXACTLY what I needed for my game.

I am wondering tho, If you change the sprites of the player object, how would you edit the shadow and collisions so it uses the new sprites?


MashArcade (Publisher) 14 June 2017

Hello! I'm glad you're enjoying your asset.
The shadow is simply a sprite that scales it's x_scale and y_scale values to squash and stretch.
To customize the shadow shape, simply make a sprite of the shape you want, and squash and stretch that using the code in the engine!


Shane D 07 July 2016


I'm re-writing my review from 0 starts to 5; I had some trouble at first, but now I think this product is great.

The engine doesn't work "out of the box", but with a few adjustments, does exactly what is advertised.

Nobody else seemed to have a problem with this, so I imagine it was just me, but for anyone having trouble getting the engine working, I decided I'd share:

-double click the object called "obj_cube_parent", and tick the box called "solid".
-on each of the cube objects, double click, click on the icon to the right of the field called "Parent", and find "obj_cube_parent". Do this for every box object.
-double click "obj_peg" and tick the box called "solid"!

Great engine. Worth more money than what is asked; I've been looking for a simple, editable script that does this for literally years. Thank you so much, MashArcade.


MashArcade (Publisher) 09 December 2016

Hey Shane! Glad you're liking the asset, but wanted to point out that it should work out of the box; No checking the SOLID option needed, just make sure the parent is set and you're good to go.


Job T 16 June 2016

this saved alot of struggle and time for me

im currently working on my rpg 2d top down game, but for months i couldnot make any system where the depths of the player compared to world was good. i searched alot of youtube tutorials and on the forums without finding the right thing...
im sooo happy i found this, i implementing this enige to my existing game, and this works really good, my character can even jump now wich he couldnot do before!
really funny the jump speed is also adjustable, wich make it possible to jump insane high, this could be a cool function for a in game trampoline to get onto higher platforms or something.
totally worth my 1,80euro, so much time i can save with this, and its cheap compared to the 37euro i paid for the spritesheets of my game.


Dan W 08 April 2016

Clean, Easy to understand, and just plain Awesome!

This engine you developed is really incredible! But I do have a request... I'd love to see this expanded beyond a top-down oblique perspective to also handle a top-down isometric perspective. Heck, make it a separate asset/download, I'd buy it. Thanks so much for making this because it's already made my job easier!


Leandro S 19 December 2015

Very nice,Looking forward for more features

The code is Well organized e do what is told. The only problem is that ,to try to extend others elements. Like stacking cubes one above other. (instead creating several higher blocks) , doing more elaborated levels. So probably I'll need rethink the logic in another way.


Ed B 18 October 2015

Perfectly Simple

Thanks a lot. I struggled with different implementations of this but could not figure out a simple bug free way to do it. Nice and simple code with easy to understand commenting. All you need as the foundation to a game like Alundra.


Li T 06 October 2015

This is what I WANT!

I wanna make a Top Down game with three axis. This Asset could Help me. It's amazingļ¼


MashArcade (Publisher) 06 October 2015

Li, I'm glad you could get it up and running. It sounds like you are enjoying it! Thank you for the support.

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