Curse Engine


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Fully functional Metroidvania engine. Contains prototyped animations, so you will need your own artwork. UPDATED Oct 2017! -contains modified cc0 artwork and original artwork by Mplode(me). Feel free to use in any project This includes the HUD, player, backgrounds, sub items, etc. -sub item added(spread fire stars and boomerang aka the "cross" from your favorite vampire slaying game)

Engine Contains: -walking -crouching -jumping -falling -death -jump + attack -fall + attack -attacking -crouch + attack -a parent enemy object to test hitting an enemy and xp gains -level up system set up and used -two sub items (knife and throwing axe) -45 degree slopes -97% of code is commented -code is easy to read and separeted -lite 3D drawing with the doors -transitions -4 rooms -horizontal moving platforms with pass-through capability -destructible objects which yield sub item increasers to use sub items -life up item collectable -max sub item + collectable -fully working HUD -leveling system(upto level 10, the other levels need XP ceilings) -ghost trail behind player -single melee weapon

Use P to force "death"

If the player is moving left, the letters will look backwards since Curse Engine is based on all sprites facing to the right to keep storage space down.

If you want to see what this engine can look like with professional sprites, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozL7oHPI-7I

Includes future releases!

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 12+


GMS1 - Version 0.6.0. Published October 6, 2017

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