A small collection of tweens I usually use in conjunction with this cheat sheet.

Because I didn't find any other collection around here that was for free. Hope you might find it useful.

Love you all.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.0. Published September 27, 2015

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1567

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 11 July 2019


Anonymous 24 May 2019


Anonymous 10 February 2019


Anonymous 05 December 2018


Joel-Jerome T 24 November 2018


Zac Y 20 October 2018


Julian A 29 July 2018

simple but good

how use: for example whit the function "ease_in_back(time, start, change, duration)"
the parameter "start" and "change" the values that give are sum or subtraction.
example: scale=ease_in_back(time,1,1,60); //this will increase of size +1 being the same to 2

for reduce of size to 0.5 would. scale=ease_in_back(time,1,-0.5,60);

whit this ready, is easy of use, good tool


Andrjus V 23 July 2018

Great nice asset!


Sebastian N 26 June 2018


Maciej K 17 June 2018


Anonymous 15 June 2018


Aleksey S 13 February 2018

just great

Thank you for putting in your effort to create this amazing pack!


Nick N 16 January 2018

Dis is de wae


Anonymous 06 December 2017

Awesome extension

Just what I was looking for. Took me a few minutes to get it working but easy to pick up.
Some documentation or example would be neat but I'm not complaining since it's free. Thanks!


Dave C 02 December 2017


Liam D 22 June 2017


Took me a second to get it working properly because I'm an idiot, but once I figured it out it works great! Just in case anyone is having difficulty with it here's how I have it working.

if(global.introgates >= 4){
if(open == 0){
y = ease_out_quad(time, 81, -100, 120);

if(time == 120){
open = 1;


Guanpeng C 13 March 2017


Easy to use and powerful. Thank you!


Esteban D 08 February 2017


Just what i needed.


Damar S 29 November 2016

any documentation?


Manjeet K 18 November 2016

please add object

please add object i don't understand what's going on please


Anonymous 13 October 2016

Simple, Great, Powerful.

This is by far the best easings extension I have found on the Marketplace, and on the internet.
Did exacly what I wanted, and easy and quick setup and use.
You can't go better than this extansion.


stevis a 12 September 2016

Absolutely awesome!

Simple and easy, wish there was a way it could handle timing too, but I think that would hinder the simplicity of it.

Here's an example of the tweening possible:

Good stuff!


Yevhen D 17 May 2016


Simple, powerful, easy to use.
Many thanks.


Francis C 28 September 2015

Great!, But...

Good contribution !, but I would like you to add an object instance to better understand how it is used, (I still do not quite understand), I hope your help! :)


foreverisbetter (Publisher) 28 September 2015

for example to use ease_out_bounce(time, start, change, duration) on the x variable of some object to change its value from 100 to 150 within the next 30 steps you need to set up a timer in the step event:

time += 1;

and then you use it like the following

x = ease_out_bounce(time, 100, 50, 30);

argument[0] is how much time has passed since the start of the easing graph and depending on it the value changes. for example if you use x = ease_out_bounce(15, 100, 50, 30); it returns exactly the value the graph has in the middle between argument[1] - the start value of 100 - and the end value - the start value plus argument[2] the change between start and end value.
and when the time variable reaches argument[3] - the duration - it also reaches the end value of 150.

Hope that clarifies everything a bit.

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